How to Get a Rebuilt Title in New Hampshire

To get a rebuilt title in New Hampshire, apply for a salvage title, repair the vehicle, pass inspection, and submit documents to the DMV.
Written by Maxine Boyko
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To get a rebuilt title in New Hampshire, you’ll have to first apply for a salvage title, rebuild the vehicle, and pay $60 in appointment and inspection fees.    
Once a car is
, that usually signals the end of its life—the car insurance company will declare it a loss and pay out the car’s actual cash value to the owner. From there, the car is stripped of any salvageable parts and crushed. But what if you wanted to keep and repair the car? In that case, you could get a rebuilt title. 
Repairing a totaled car to drive or sell it in New Hampshire will require applying for a rebuilt title. If you’re wondering how to go about doing that, the licensed broker and
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What is a rebuilt title?

rebuilt title
is a certificate stating that a vehicle that was once claimed as totaled by an insurance company has been rebuilt and is now safe to drive. 
To get a rebuilt title, the car usually needs to have a
salvage title
first. A salvage title certifies that the vehicle is totaled and no longer safe to drive. Once restored, however, the salvage title can usually be
as a rebuilt title. 

Does my car need a rebuilt title?

If you have intentions to sell, drive, or register a vehicle that has been declared totaled, you’ll likely need a rebuilt title. While you could technically sell a car with a salvage title to a car fanatic who would be delighted to fix it up, most people tend to shy away from the
inherent risks
of a car carrying a salvage title. 
While selling a car with a salvage title is possible, buyers are generally more eager to buy a car with a rebuilt title. But a rebuilt title doesn’t remove the car’s history—instead, it certifies that the car has undergone full repairs and has been declared safe to drive by an inspector. This is the only legal and safe way to drive a car that once held a salvage title. 

How to get a rebuilt title in New Hampshire

If you want to get a rebuilt title in New Hampshire, buckle up for a lengthy and costly process. It may also be rewarding, but remember that repairs aren’t cheap and the title could take a while to be issued. 

Apply for the salvage title 

Unless you already have one, your first step to getting a salvage title is to apply. To apply, you’ll need to submit the following to the New Hampshire DMV: 
  • The original title for the vehicle
  • A check or money order for $10 made out to the “State of NH-DMV”

Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

Once the salvage title has been issued, your next step is to repair the vehicle according to New Hampshire law and safety standards.
Once repaired,
schedule a salvage inspection
by calling the Title Bureau, and bring the following with you: 
  • The salvage title
  • Report itemizing damages from either the insurance company or from an appraisal
  • Proof of repair (parts receipts, for example)
  • Documentation that declares the vehicle as a total loss and proof it has been rebuilt to safety standards
  • Payment for the $50 appointment fee
Once inspected and approved, the DMV will attach a salvage decal to the vehicle and issue you a Salvage Vehicle Identification Number Verification Form (DSMV 547). Hold on to this because you will need it to apply for a new title. 
Key Takeaway After making repairs, you’ll have to arrange for a vehicle inspection to make sure that your previously totaled car now qualifies as a salvage title. You can then go ahead and apply for a rebuilt title.

Essential documents for a rebuilt New Hampshire title

After your car is rebuilt and passes salvage inspection, you can apply for a rebuilt title at the town/city clerk’s office. Remember to bring both the salvage title and the completed Salvage Vehicle Identification Number Verification Form (DSMV 547) with you. 
Once you have your rebuilt title and registration in your possession, you have 10 days to pass a final safety inspection at a state-approved
inspection station
. There, an inspector will check over the vehicle to ensure it meets all legal and safety requirements. Once your vehicle passes, you will be given a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) to verify that your vehicle is up to standards.   

How long does a rebuilt title take in New Hampshire?

The rebuilt process time can vary but generally takes about a month. Between the time you get your salvage title and go for your salvage inspection, you will be issued a 20-day temporary plate.  

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A rebuilt title isn’t necessarily bad—a rebuilt title certifies the vehicle as safe to drive, meaning you could get a pretty good deal on a decent car. There is potential, however, that the vehicle has hidden damages (like a weakened frame) that could manifest over time, so it’s best to be careful.
Getting a rebuilt title in New Hampshire costs $60 for the salvage title and inspection fees. This doesn’t include the cost of parts and labor for repairing the vehicle, however.
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