How to Check and Decode an Acura VIN

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Jacqulyn Graber
Updated on Jun 1, 2022 · 4 min read
’s vehicle identification number, or VIN, is located on the driver’s side of your vehicle, near the base of your windshield. By decoding this number, you’ll learn vital information about the car, including its manufacturer, year of production, assembly plant, type of engine, model, and more. 
You’ve probably been asked for
your vehicle’s VIN
at one point or another, but did you know that it’s not just a random collection of numbers? The 17-digit code actually contains a large amount of information.
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How to check your Acura’s VIN

VIN stands for vehicle identification number. Within its 17 digits, the VIN contains important information about your Acura’s identity. 
Here’s where you can locate your Acura’s VIN: 
  • On your insurance card
  • On your DMV-issued registration card
  • On the lower lefthand corner of your front windshield 
Every Acura will have its VIN on the windshield, but you may also find it printed on a sticker that’s located inside the rear trunk’s lid, on the driver’s side door jamb, or on the driver’s side door. 

How to decode an Acura VIN

The 17 digits that make up your Acura’s VIN aren’t random. Do you know what they represent?
Let’s start with a bit of history. VINs have been used in the U.S. since the 1950s and became standardized in 1981 with a little help from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This means that—across makes, models, and even continents—all VIN numbers have a standard set of meanings. 
VINS can contain any of the 10 numerical digits (0-9), as well as any of the letters of the English alphabet, except for I, O, and Q (which are easily confused with 1, 0, and 9). 

First position: country of origin

The very first position of any VIN number represents the country in which the vehicle was built. This digit, combined with the digits in positions two and three, make up the world manufacturer identifier (WMI). 
Acuras are manufactured in a variety of countries, so you’ll see a few different codes in the first position: 1 (USA), 5 (USA), 2 (Canada), or J (Japan)

Positions 2-3: manufacturer information

The following two digits in the WMI represent the manufacturer and division. Acuras with a 9 in the second position are manufactured by Acura, but Acuras with an H are actually manufactured by Honda
Manufacturers have different divisions, and the third position in your car’s VIN will provide additional information about this. An Acura’s can be any of the following: 4, U, or N

Positions 4-6: engine and model

The next three digits will tell you about your specific vehicle’s model and engine size. For example, if you drive an Integra, these numbers will be DB7, but if you drive an Integra GS-R, these numbers will be DB8

Position 7: trim

The seventh position will offer additional information about your vehicle’s trim. The following chart offers a breakdown for Acura owners:
Trim level
Two-door coupe, manual
Two-door coupe, automatic
Hatchback, manual
Hatchback, automatic
Four-door sedan, manual
Four-door sedan, automatic
Five-door wagon, manual
Five-door wagon, automatic

Position 8: equipment 

Any additional equipment included on your vehicle will be represented here.

Position 9: check number

The purpose of position nine is merely to verify that your entire VIN number is valid (as opposed to fraudulent). The number here will be generated by a formula created by the Department of Transportation. 

Position 10: year of production 

This number will tell you exactly when your vehicle was manufactured. Here’s how the VIN model year codes for the last 20 years break down: 
1981 or 2011
1982 or 2012
1983 or 2013
1984 or 2014
1985 or 2015
1986 or 2016
1987 or 2017
1988 or 2018
1989 or 2019
1990 or 2020
1991 or 2021

Position 11: 

This will indicate the plant where your vehicle was assembled. Acura has 15 different assembly plants located around the world. A letter will always be used to represent an exact city or country.

Positions 12-17: vehicle serial number

The last six digits of any VIN are an individual serial number that is completely unique to your Acura. Acura is allowed to choose any six-digit number they’d like, as this portion of the VIN is not standardized. 
For Acura, the number will indicate a sequence that identifies when and where the car came off the assembly line.

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