How Long Is a Subaru Outback?

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The total length of the 2022 Subaru Outback comes out at 191.3 inches long—the longest Outback model to date. 
The ever-popular adventure wagon is versatile in more ways than one, and that includes its length over the years. If you’re checking out a new (or used) Subaru Outback, but you’re unsure if it’ll fit in the space in your garage, it’s time to whip out the tape measure—or just keep reading this article. 
Jerry, the super app made to save drivers time and money on car insurance, is here to outline all the details of every Outback’s length. Let’s get started! 

How long is a Subaru Outback?

The Outback’s length doesn’t vary much by trim, but it can vary depending on the model year you’re talking about. For the 2022 Outback model, all eight trims measure 191.3 inches long—the same goes for the 2021 model. However, if you’re looking at past models of the iconic station wagon, the length will be slightly shorter. 
Here’s what you can expect for each generation of the Outback:
  • First generation (1995-1999): 180.9–185.8 inches
  • Second generation (2000-2004): 172.2–187.4 inches
  • Third generation (2005-2009): 186.2–189 inches
  • Fourth generation (2010-2014): 188.2–189 inches
  • Fifth generation (2015-2019): 189.6 inches
  • Sixth generation (2020-present): 191.3 inches
Keep in mind that the length can differ even within the same generation, so if you’re looking for a specific length, check the exact model year. 
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Will your Subaru Outback fit in your garage?

The only way to find out if your Subaru Outback will fit in your garage is to measure the garage. If you’re unable to measure your garage for some reason—or you’re at the dealership right now and didn’t bring your house’s blueprint with you—we’ve got you covered. 
The average American garage measure between 20 and 24 feet in depth. That’s plenty of room to fit even the longest Outback model as long as you have some cleared-out space where you plan on parking your Subaru. 
Just how much space will you need to accommodate the width of the Outback? The widest Subaru Outback is 74.6 inches wide, and the average single-car garage is about 12 feet wide at the least. This means you should have enough room to park and open your doors enough to get out of your car without worry.

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