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The average cost of Genesis car insurance is $2,032 per year. But the exact cost of Genesis car insurance can vary based on your vehicle’s model, your driving record, your location, and your insurance company. 
Thanks to popular demand, Genesis vehicles have thrived amidst the luxury car market since their stand-alone debut in 2015. As the make earns high marks for initial quality and reliability, Genesis drivers know the value of investing in a high-end car—but does a higher quality also mean a higher premium?
On average, yes—insuring a Genesis will cost you more than insuring a non-luxury vehicle. But no two Genesis vehicles are the same. Insurance rates take more than just make and model into account. 
The cost of your Genesis car insurance will depend on a range of factors, including your driving history, your coverage needs, the state you live in—even your gender. So how do you find the best rates for your Genesis? 
Simple: let Jerry do the work. The top-rated insurance broker app on the market, Jerry makes shopping for cheap car insurance a breeze. In this article, we’ll cover what you can expect to pay for minimum and maximum coverage on your Genesis, which providers offer the lowest rates, plus tips and tricks on how to find the perfect policy. 

How much does Genesis car insurance cost?

The average annual cost of car insurance coverage for a Genesis vehicle is $2,032. Compared to the national annual average of $2,032, it’s clear that Genesis drivers face a pricier premium. Why?
For one, Genesis cars—as with most luxury vehicles—are made with high-quality materials that are expensive to replace and repair. But insurance premiums can also vary across models, as well as a range of other factors like driving history, coverage limits, and location. 
In fact, your car’s model and year play a bigger role in determining your insurance costs than you might realize. For example, the G70 is generally cheaper to insure than the G80 because it’s a more compact vehicle. The value of your car (or how much that value has depreciated since purchasing it) can also impact your rates.
If you drive an older Genesis or a model decked out with custom upgrades, you may have a harder time sourcing replacement parts when you need them, which can increase your average insurance rate. 
On the other hand, a model loaded with safety features will usually be cheaper to insure, since those added safety measures help lower your car’s risk of a collision. 
The best way to ensure you get a good price on your Genesis car insurance is by comparing quotes from multiple insurers—but between looking up company websites, filling out forms, and waiting on hold, comparing rates can quickly become a lengthy ordeal. 
Luckily, Jerry can do the same amount of work for you in as little as 45 seconds. And with dozens of name-brand insurance companies on the Jerry app, you can be confident you’ll find the best deals. 

How much insurance do you need for a Genesis?

Your insurance needs—like your insurance rates—can vary depending on where you live and the condition of your vehicle. 
Virtually every state has a car insurance minimum requirement in place to protect both you and others on the road. Generally, your state’s minimum car insurance will include liability coverage for both bodily injury and personal property. This helps prevent you from paying out-of-pocket in damages to other drivers if you’re at fault in an accident. 
In addition to basic liability coverage, some states have more stringent minimum car insurance laws that require you to purchase more comprehensive coverage, including:
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Covers your costs if you’re in an accident with a driver lacking sufficient liability insurance to cover your damages
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Helps cover medical expenses for you and any of your passengers (including rehabilitation and funeral costs). Required in no-fault states
  • Medical payments (Medpay) coverage: Helps cover a portion of medical expenses for you and your passengers
Meeting your state’s minimum requirements is necessary to keep your vehicle road-legal—and if you drive an older Genesis model, maybe that’s all you’re looking for. But if you’re looking to protect your luxury vehicle to the fullest, it’s a good idea to also add collision coverage and comprehensive coverage, which often constitute what’s called a “full coverage” policy. 
These two coverages keep you protected from damages including collisions with stationary objects, severe weather, vandalism, theft, and more. 
Most insurance companies recommend “full coverage” car insurance policies—and for some car loan lenders, purchasing full coverage may even be a requirement on a Genesis you’ve financed. 
Similarly, gap insurance is commonly required by lenders on financed vehicles, to help cover the difference between your car’s value and the amount left on the loan. 

Genesis car insurance rates by model

As we’ve discussed, the Genesis model you drive can play a significant role in how much you pay for car insurance. The G70 is typically cheaper to insure than, say, a G80 or G90 because a G70 is a smaller, more compact model. In general, smaller sedans will cost less to insure than larger vehicles like SUVs.
But size isn’t everything—there’s a lot that goes into making a car insurance rate. To break things down, we’ll be taking a closer look at the average annual premiums of the most popular Genesis models.

How much is insurance for a Genesis G70?

The compact G70 is among the cheapest Genesis models to insure, thanks to its small stature and array of safety features. The annual cost to insure a Genesis G70 can vary based on whether you drive a base G70 or an upgraded Prestige or Elite
[TableCarInsuranceCostsForCarModel5Year]: statistics data empty
Learn more with our in-depth guide to G70 insurance costs!

How much is insurance for a Genesis G90? 

As the Genesis flagship model, the G90 packs power and prestige. A full-size luxury sedan, the G90 is beloved for its comfort and quality—but it’s also one of the most expensive Genesis models to insure due to its larger size and lack of safety features
The table below covers in greater detail the variables that contribute to your G90’s insurance rate, including vehicle year and level of coverage:
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How much is insurance for a Genesis G80? 

This turbo-charged luxury sedan received high marks from many trusted car reviewers, including the U.S. News and World Report—but just how much does it cost to insure a G80? 
If you drive a G80 sport, your costs may be even higher. The table below provides greater insight into the variables that impact your G80’s insurance rate, like your coverage level and vehicle’s age. 
[TableCarInsuranceCostsForCarModel5Year]: statistics data empty
For more information, check out our in-depth guide to Genesis G80 insurance costs!

How much is insurance for a Genesis G70 Elite? 

Like its base G70 counterpart, the G70 Elite is cheaper to insure than other luxury vehicles due to its smaller stature and good array of safety features. However, added features and luxury options with this trim mean a higher selling price—and higher insurance rates than the base trim.
As with every car's insurance rate, there are a number of factors beyond size and safety that impact the cost of your car insurance. Here's the breakdown on Genesis G70 Elite car insurance costs.
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How much is insurance for a Genesis G90 Premium?

The Genesis G90 Premium is the perfect package for someone who wants the power and prestige of the base G90—with a dash of extra prestige on the side, please. With a turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 and luxury features, the G90 Premium is a beast, but it also has some of the highest insurance rates for Genesis vehicles.
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Want to learn more? Read our comprehensive guide to Genesis G90 Premium car insurance costs.

Compare Genesis car insurance quotes

Finding the best rates on insurance for your Genesis, no matter the model, entails comparing rates from different providers. To get the most accurate estimates, you’ll have to take the time to research companies, fill out forms, and wait on hold.
Or you could use Jerry. A licensed broker, Jerry does the hard work of gathering authoritative quotes from a pool of dozens of name-brand providers nationwide. 
Signing up takes less than a minute—just download the app, answer a few basic questions about your insurance coverage, and let Jerry take care of the rest.
Taking the time to shop around for the best insurance rate can be the difference between you and over $800 in savings, which is about what Jerry users save on an annual basis.
Want to see the kinds of insurance quotes you can find with Jerry? Take a look at the table below, and see what our customers have to say!
Quote DateCarLocationZip CodeNameAgeCarrier
Before Jerry
After Jerry
August 21, 2022Genesis G70 EliteCoatesville, PA19320Jason J.35Safeco$142/mo.$142/mo.
August 16, 2022Genesis G80 BaseCorpus Christi, TX78411Ronald M.36Safeco$166/mo.$151/mo.
August 19, 2022Genesis G80 BaseMiddletown, CT06457Gregory M.26AAA$680/mo.$287/mo.
September 19, 2022Genesis G80 BaseFreeport, NY11520Troy G.27Safeco$400/mo.$289/mo.
August 9, 2022Genesis G70 EliteFresno, CA93727Aaron S.32Mapfre$450/mo.$350/mo.

Best car insurance companies for your Genesis

The most popular insurance providers for Genesis drivers include State Farm, GEICO, and Progressive—but there’s no single insurance company that can guarantee the lowest rates for Genesis drivers.
That’s because different insurance agencies use their own unique algorithms to determine their insurance rates. Different algorithms will prioritize different considerations when it comes to assessing risk factors—for example, one company may give greater weight to Genesis vehicles with pre-established safety features, while another company may be more concerned with your overall driving profile
The only way to find truly customized insurance rates is by doing some old-fashioned comparison—or by letting Jerry do the hard work of comparing insurance quotes for you. In less than a minute, Jerry can collect real-time quotes so you can find the perfect policy for your Genesis with ease. 
Take a look at how different providers quote for Genesis vehicles in the table below (and how much you could save with Jerry)!
Insurance Company
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
Travelers$3,581$1,332Compare Prices
Allstate$3,460$1,282Compare Prices
Clearcover$3,307$1,242Compare Prices
National General$3,113$1,142Compare Prices
Safeco$3,040$900Compare Prices
Progressive$3,475$822Compare Prices
Nationwide$3,151$376Compare Prices
Dairyland$4,158$265Compare Prices

Genesis car insurance cost by driving record 

Your year, model, and the condition of your car all play a role in determining your personal insurance rate—and so does your driving record
No matter the kind of car you drive, you’ll pay more for insurance across the board if you have a history of accidents, DUIs, or other traffic violations
In short, the safer you drive, the less you’ll pay for car insurance. Even just a simple speeding ticket could increase your insurance rate by over $3,297, and a DUI could add over $2,032 to your annual premium!
The table below can help you estimate insurance rates for your Genesis based on your driving record:

Genesis car insurance cost by location

Where you live also matters when it comes to determining your insurance rate. The cost of your state’s minimum car insurance can vary based on how much coverage you’re legally required to have—plus, some states are just more expensive than others. A Genesis driver can expect to pay more for coverage in New York than in Maine
Want to know how your rate stacks up against your state’s average? Check out the table below.

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