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Gainsco Car Insurance Review 2023

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Gainsco auto insurance specializes in minimum-limit insurance policies for high-risk drivers but has a large volume of customer complaints compared to other insurance companies.
No matter what your driving history looks like, finding the right car insurance company for you can be a tough job to tackle on your own. Let the Jerry app give you a hand. With a network of over 55 auto insurance companies, this licensed broker and super app only needs 45 seconds to compare your offers from providers like Gainsco to find the best customized options available.
Jerry takes the risk out of finding the right car insurance policy for high-risk drivers so you can focus on more important things, like getting a clean record. Check out this Gainsco auto insurance review from Jerry to learn more about the company’s coverage options and whether or not Gainsco is a good fit for you.

Gainsco auto insurance overview

Gainsco is a non-standard insurance company based out of Dallas, Texas. It was recently acquired by State Farm, so you can expect this provider’s auto insurance policy options and availability to grow. But for the time being, Gainsco auto insurance is available in 18 states:
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Virginia
As a non-standard insurance company, Gainsco sells policies to customers who might otherwise be turned away for things like high risk, poor credit, young age, and so on. As part of its efforts to accommodate high-risk drivers, Gainsco specializes in SR-22 certification and non-owner car insurance.
Given its focus on high-risk policies, Gainsco tends to stick to the minimum required coverages like liability coverage and personal injury protection (PIP). While Gainsco offers full coverage policies, the additional car insurance options are incredibly limited.
Gainsco receives an A- overall from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an Excellent financial strength rating from AM Best, but the customer reviews are not glowing. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reports far more complaints than expected given Gainsco’s size, but the recent acquisition by State Farm could lead to an improvement in Gainsco’s services.

Gainsco pros and cons

Offers non-standard insurance to high-risk driversLimited coverage options beyond those required by state laws
Can provide an SR-22 form when neededWebsite lacks information about coverage options
Non-owner insurance is available for drivers who need itState regulators report a high volume of customer complaints

Gainsco claim resolution time

The time it takes for a Gainsco claim to be resolved varies from case to case. Your claim may be handled more quickly if you have the following information ready:
  • Your policy number and the name of the independent agent who sold you your Gainsco policy
  • Specific details about the date and location of the claimed incident
  • Vehicle and driver information for you and any other motorists involved

How to get Gainsco car insurance quotes

Gainsco likes to partner with independent agents to sell their policies. Luckily for you, Jerry is one of those partners! Compare Gainsco car insurance quotes with offers from similar providers like Direct Auto and Progressive—all in the app! 
Thanks to Jerry, it’s never been easier to compare auto insurance companies and find a policy that works for you and your budget.


Gainsco policyholders can file a car insurance claim 24/7 by logging into their account or calling 1-866-GAINSCO (1-866-424-6726).
Be ready to provide the following information:
1. Your policy number
2. Your agent’s name
3. The date and location of the incident
4. Information about the vehicle(s) and driver(s) involved
Gainsco is a good insurance company for drivers who have a hard time finding coverage based on their driving history or credit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to customer complaints. For the time being, it’s a good option when your options are limited.
However, there could be hope for Gainsco car insurance yet! State Farm bought Gainsco in 2020 and the company’s ratings from trusted sources like the BBB and AM Best have already gone up.
Gainsco’s availability is rapidly growing thanks to the State Farm acquisition. Currently, Gainsco offers auto insurance coverage in18 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Virginia.
You can contact Gainsco for claims and customer service by calling 1-866-GAINSCO (1-866-424-6726). Customer service representatives are available between 8 am and 6 pm CST, Mondays through Fridays. Claims can be made 24/7.
If you want a Gainsco auto insurance quote, use the Jerry app to find the cheapest offers available.

Gainsco car insurance cost

While Gainsco specializes in high-risk drivers, that doesn’t guarantee that these drivers will get competitive low rates compared to the national average. On the contrary, these drivers are simply more likely to be approved for Gainsco auto insurance—their car insurance rates could still be on par with the higher rates that high-risk drivers are accustomed to.
Gainsco drivers pay an average of $147 to $259 a month depending on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include age, location, the car you drive, and the amount of coverage you add to your policy.
Gainsco only offers a few options beyond the typical spread of state-mandated coverages. Opting for a full coverage policy over a minimum coverage policy could mean a relatively sharp change to your Gainsco insurance rates.

What factors does Gainsco look at?

Many auto insurance companies would deny coverage to drivers with a low credit score or a lot of violations on their driving record—or they would at least offer a very high insurance rate. Gainsco, on the other hand, is a non-standard insurance provider that focuses on providing coverage to these drivers, so other factors may take precedence when determining your rates:
  • Age: Most insurance companies charge more for drivers ages 25 and younger since this demographic has the highest level of associated risk.
  • ZIP code: Where you live and drive comes with its own level of risk depending on local weather incidents, traffic patterns, accident statistics, and more.
  • Coverage selections and deductibles: With only two main types of policies available, you can expect a stark difference in rates between Gainsco drivers who opt for a full-coverage policy and those who opt for minimum coverage. Raising your deductible, though, can help lower your rates.
  • Continuous insurance: Avoiding an insurance lapse is likely to get you a better rate, and could even help you qualify for certain discounts.
  • Vehicle: A muscle car won’t do anything for a high-risk driver’s reputation—or car insurance rates. Consider this: a compact SUV with a modest four-cylinder engine will likely get better rates than a sports coupe with a souped-up V8.

Which Gainsco customers get the best rates?

The following Gainsco customers tend to get the best auto insurance rates:
  • Drivers who just want to meet their state’s minimum insurance requirements
  • Drivers between the ages of 55 and 64
  • Customers in Oklahoma and Ohio
Remember, Gainsco’s focus is approving coverage for high-risk drivers—not offering them the best insurance rates available. See how the average rate at Gainsco compares to other providers in the table below.
Before Jerry
After Jerry
Clean Record$2,797$1,909
Racing/Drag Racing$6,715$3,166
Illegal Turn$4,484$2,688
Open Container$3,499$2,080
Careless Driving$3,498$2,373
Speeding under 15$3,403$2,275
Speeding over 15$3,360$2,193
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign$3,352$2,212
Improper Passing$3,348$2,367
Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$3,336$2,705
Driving on Sus. License$3,330$2,193
Reckless Driving$3,314$1,855
Defective Equipment$3,296$2,076
Leaving scene of an Accident/Hit and Run$3,222$2,021
Cell Phone$3,086$2,395
Seat Belt$2,693$1,441
Vehicle Theft$1,704$1,342
Eluding Police$1,532$961
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Gainsco car insurance rates with violations

While you won’t be discriminated against for carrying high risk, the specific violation(s) you have on your driving record will play a role in your Gainsco insurance rate. A DUI will have a different effect on your rates than a reckless driving charge, and a combination of violations could send your Gainsco rates through the roof.
Check out the average rates for Gainsco customers with various violations in the table below.
Driving InfractionAnnual Cost
Annual Savings With Jerry

Gainsco car insurance cost with DUI

The average annual car insurance rate for Gainsco customers who have a DUI on their record is -11.59%. That’s -11.59% more than the average rate for customers without a DUI.

Gainsco car insurance cost with a speeding ticket

The average annual car insurance rate for Gainsco customers with a recent speeding ticket is 11.97%. That’s 11.97% more compared to the clean record average—and it only goes up for multiple speeding tickets or speeding 15 mph or more over the speed limit.

Gainsco car insurance rates by age

Age has a significant role to play in your auto insurance rates—no matter what provider you use! Drivers between the ages of 55 and 64 tend to get the best rates from Gainsco. The graph below shows average Gainsco rates for different age groups.

Gainsco car insurance cost for young drivers

Gainsco customers below the age of 25 tend to have it the worst when it comes to their car insurance rates. Unlike many other insurance companies, Gainsco doesn’t offer a good student discount or similar programs that could help lower these costs for young drivers.

Where is Gainsco insurance the cheapest?

Drivers in Oklahoma and Ohio tend to get the cheapest rates out of the 18 states where Gainsco is available. The table below compares the average annual rates for Gainsco car insurance across different states.
North Dakota$1,209
West Virginia$1,306
South Dakota$1,326
North Carolina$1,413
New Hampshire$1,636
New Mexico$1,707
South Carolina$1,820
Rhode Island$1,835
District Of Columbia$2,015
New Jersey$2,109
New York$2,888
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Gainsco car insurance discounts

Talk to your Gainsco insurance agent to see if you qualify for any of these available discounts.
Driver discountsHomeowner’s discountGainsco customers who own their home, townhome, or mobile home may be eligible for this discount.
Vehicle discountsMulti-car discountUse Gainsco to insure multiple vehicles to get this easy discount.
Policy discountsPayment discountSet up an automatic payment through your online account or pay for your policy in full to save on your premium
Prior coverage discountYou can get a discount if you had continuous coverage with a different provider for at least six months, with no more than 30 days lapse between policies.
Early signing discountCommit to your policy three or more days before it goes into effect for a small discount.
Renewal discountYou can get a discount simply by renewing your current Gainsco policy.
Loyalty discountIf you leave Gainsco for a different provider for at least six months, Gainsco will reward you for coming back.

Gainsco auto insurance coverage options

You can get standard state-mandated coverage from Gainsco auto insurance, as well as a limited selection of additional coverage options. Gainsco offers the following types of coverage required by law: 
In addition to the above types of legally mandated car insurance, Gainsco also offers:
  • Comprehensive insurance:When damage occurs from an uncontrollable event like severe weather, natural disaster, crime, and more, this coverage means Gainsco will help cover the repairs.
  • Collision insurance:This coverage covers damages that result from a collision event, whether it’s with another car, a stationary object, or a single-car incident like a rollover.
  • Rental reimbursement:If your car is stuck in the repair shop or you’re waiting on a replacement, Gainsco will reimburse your temporary rental car for $25 to $45 per day.
  • Towing and labor coverage: Also known as roadside assistance, Gainsco will cover $55 to $100 in the event of an emergency tow.
Non-owner insurance: This coverage is offered to drivers who don’t own a vehicle to help them avoid lapses in coverage that could put them into a high-risk profile.

Gainsco payment options

You can pay your Gainsco premium upfront or in monthly installments with a credit or debit card or by linking a checking account to your profile. You can either pay manually by logging into your online profile or by enrolling in automatic payment.

Real Gainsco reviews from Jerry customers

Check out what real Jerry users have to say about Gainsco:
I just got started and service so far is great
Tonya Thompson
The cheapest car insurance I ever had. Fast helpful and friendly!!!
I just switched and it’s saving me almost 2000$ a year for the same coverage
Im 19 and was paying 449 a month on insurance and now I’m only paying 227 thanks to the Jerry app definitely worth the switch saved me hundreds of dollars!!
The app was very easy to maneuver around I was able to figure it out with a bunch of reading there was great customer service very friendly and polite I got the best deal offered on the app plus best offer I could find calling around.
They gave me the cheapest quote out of everyone due to having 2 recent accidents and my fiancé on my policy who has traffic violations and accidents from a few years ago and 1 last year. But they’ve done me good so far. I only need liability. Someone backed into me once and it caused no damage to my car but cause damage to theirs and they tried saying I hit them. I had pictures and videos and Root didn’t hassle me at all and closed the case with me not at fault at all. I didn’t get any money out of it, but like I said there was legit like a scratch on my back bumper and it’s a 2008 Chevy cobalt junk car so I didn’t really care. My policy is paid in full with them until August. I’ll definitely stay with them if they quote me lower than everyone else again. But I have heard people who have full coverage with them have had problems with them getting their cars fixed and paying out. I do want to get a newer used car in the near future so in the case I would look into other insurance carriers if they’d not charge me and arm and a leg.

Key Takeaways

  • Gainsco specializes in non-standard low-limit insurance for high-risk drivers who would otherwise be denied by most standard insurance companies.
  • Gainsco has had limited coverage selections and a high volume of customer complaints in the past, but a recent acquisition by State Farm promises improvement for the provider.
  • Drivers who don’t own a car can take advantage of Gainsco’s non-owner insurance to avoid the negative impacts of an insurance lapse.
  • You’ll need to go through an independent agent like Jerry the car insurance super app to purchase a Gainsco insurance policy.

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