What is Ford Telematics?

Ford Telematics is a software service designed to help commercial customers manage their vehicle fleet’s digital data.
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Ford Telematics—or Ford Pro Telematics—is an OEM telematics system used to process and analyze data related to the operation of a Ford vehicle or fleet of Ford vehicles.
Whether you have an individual Ford or manage a whole Ford fleet, you can use Ford Telematics for a variety of data-based services. We’ll talk about the sorts of functions that Ford Telematics can perform, such as giving you updates on
regular maintenance
or monitoring fuel consumption.
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What is Ford Pro Telematics?

Ford Pro Telematics and Ford Pro Telematics Essentials use data collected from Ford vehicle modems to provide detailed information about the vehicle’s health and how it is being operated. The program was introduced by Ford Motor Company and Ford Commercial Solutions in 2020, and was based on the Ford Data Services platform.
Ford vehicles that are equipped with FordPass Connect modems collect and organize vehicle data and diagnostics. You can either pay for the more robust Ford Pro Telematics service or use the complimentary Ford Pro Telematics Essentials.

Ford Telematics Essentials vs. Ford Pro Telematics

You pay $20 per month per vehicle for Ford Pro Telematics, whereas Ford Telematics Essentials is a complimentary service.
Ford Pro Telematics Essentials allows you to access and analyze data from an individual vehicle. For example, it can provide vehicle health alerts related to diagnostic trouble codes, warning lights, and oil-life information. It also includes planned maintenance tracking, giving you updates when it’s time to take a vehicle into the shop. It even allows you to see scheduling availability at your local Ford dealership to help you plan ahead for maintenance and repairs and reduce unnecessary vehicle downtime.
Ford Pro Telematics is the more complete, subscription-based service designed to help boost commercial fleet uptime and productivity. Using the Ford Pro Telematics Drive mobile app, you can analyze things like driver behavior insights, location tracking, fuel efficiency, and vehicle security. For example, you can see how much time a driver spent idling or monitor how long an electric vehicle—such as a Ford E-Transit—is taking to charge. You can even use Ford Pro Telematics Pro to conduct in-vehicle coaching for drivers or get real-time updates on fleet operations.

Who should use Ford Telematics?

Ford Telematics services are primarily meant for commercial fleet management, but they can also be used for telematics-based insurance programs.
If you’re a regular driver who has usage-based insurance (UBI), you won’t need to spend the extra money on Ford Pro Telematics. The subscription-based service is mostly geared toward business owners with commercial fleets of Ford vehicles, allowing them to track various aspects of the use of these vehicles.

Is Ford Telematics worth it?

If you’re managing an entire fleet of Ford commercial vehicles, Ford Telematics might be worth looking into. You’ll spend a total of $240 per vehicle per year, but you could save lots of money in the long run when you consider improved fuel economy and driver behavior optimization. Of course, you might want to check in on how your drivers feel about having their actions recorded and monitored for data purposes.
The same goes for individual drivers who link their Ford Telematics modem to their usage-based insurance account. If you’re okay with being monitored while you drive, usage-based car insurance can save you a lot of money, and you can often get approved for it without needing to go through a credit check.
Telematics systems can effectively help reduce emissions, and Ford Telematics can even show you how you could save money by adding an EV like the F-150 Lightning to your fleet.
was easy to use, and they saved me a lot of money on my truck. I would definitely recommend them.” —Johannes T.
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Telematics systems use on-board diagnostic systems connected to various components of your vehicle to gather data such as vehicle speed, driving habits, and location. The primary intention is to function similarly to a plane’s black box. Plenty of automakers have started installing complex telematics units on vehicles recently, but more simple diagnostic computer systems have existed in cars for over two decades now.
In other cases, telematics systems are used for carshare vehicles, allowing things like GPS tracking.
Aftermarket telematics plug-in devices (PID) also exist for vehicles that aren’t installed with OEM telematics modems.
Telematics Essentials doesn’t cost anything as long as your vehicle has a factory-equipped embedded modem. Ford Pro Telematics allows you to manage your commercial fleet vehicles, and pricing is set at $20 per VIN per month. In some cases, using Ford Telematics requires additional system activation.
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