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Car Insurance for Fiat

On average, Fiat drivers pay $1,592 each year for car insurance. But depending on the model you have, your insurance rates could vary. A 500 Electric costs ${topModelandThirdModelDifference} more per year to insure than a 500 Abarth.
As the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy, Fiat has been an industry leader for over a century. However, Fiats were largely unavailable in the United States until 2011, when the company partnered with Chrysler to reenter the US market. Since then, customers can purchase these stylish and agile cars, crossovers, and sports cars for a relatively affordable price.
Whichever Fiat you choose, you’ll need to make sure you have the right car insurance to protect your vehicle.
Your insurance rates will be based on the model you choose, along with factors unique to you. Fortunately, the car insurance super app Jerry can help you find the best prices for the coverage you need. In just 45 seconds, Jerry will find you quotes from over 50 top insurance companies, so you know you’re always getting the best price for the coverage you need.
Here are some real quotes from Jerry customers who saved money when insuring their Fiat.
Quote DateCarLocationZip CodeNameAgeCarrier
Before Jerry
After Jerry
April 3, 2022Fiat 500 PopGainesville, GA30507Lucille B.36Mercury$145/mo.$63/mo.
April 7, 2022Fiat 500L PopFranklin, IN46131Jerome L.50Clearcover$90/mo.$64/mo.
March 29, 2022Fiat 500 PopCasa-Grande, AZ85122Bernard S.24Gainsco$127/mo.$92/mo.
March 29, 2022Fiat 500X LoungeCarlsbad, CA92008David S.37Aspire Advantage$198/mo.$113/mo.
April 7, 2022Fiat 500 PopDouglasville, GA30135Anne L.29Mercury$275/mo.$134/mo.
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Insurance for Fiat models

When you purchase a Fiat, all of the cars are the same make (or brand), but the model of the car and age will be different—meaning insurance prices will vary.

Insurance for Fiat based on the year of the car

A new car can be super exciting—but you can guarantee that you’ll pay more for that shiny new vehicle—both in the base price and insurance premiums.
According to Edmunds, a new car loses 23.5% of its value in the first year of ownership, and its value continues to decline by 60% in the first five years. Older cars are worth less, and therefore, will be less expensive to insure.
Additionally, if you choose to purchase a new vehicle, you’ll likely end up leasing or financing your car—which would require you to carry full coverage car insurance. Full coverage will always cost you more than just the mandatory minimum insurance as required by your state.
According to Jerry’s internal data, the cheapest years for Fiats are 2020 and 2021.
The most expensive years for Fiat are 2018 and 2017.
Average Cost
Annual Savings with Jerry
2021$1,740$311Compare Prices
2020$1,553$302Compare Prices
2019$2,628$851Compare Prices
2018$2,860$632Compare Prices
2017$2,672$735Compare Prices
2016$2,419$734Compare Prices
2015$2,139$648Compare Prices
2014$2,608$703Compare Prices
2013$2,468$894Compare Prices
2012$2,588$878Compare Prices
Key Takeaway Older Fiats generally cost less to repair or replace than newer ones, and you may not have to lease or finance them—so they tend to have lower insurance premiums.
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Insurance for different models of Fiat

With a long history of Italian charm and style, Fiats are considered premium vehicles—though they often come at a lower price point than some of their competitors.
Insurance companies look at the car’s model just as much as they look at the car’s age when setting insurance premiums. For the most part, cheaper models—like sedans and compact SUVs—are less expensive to insure than fancy coupes or large SUVs, in part because of the lower prices, higher safety ratings, and cheaper repair costs for those models.
For example, the Fiat Spyder has higher annual premiums because it is one of the more expensive models on the market. Additionally, its higher horsepower means it can travel at faster speeds—making it potentially more prone to accidents than other models.
Conversely, a Fiat 500X Trekking will be one of the least expensive Fiat models to insure. The crossover SUV has all-wheel-drive and a high safety rating, leading to lower insurance premiums.
Here is a more detailed look at what it costs to insure different Fiat models.
Key Takeaway Your car model affects your insurance rates. The more expensive the car, the more insurance usually costs.
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Full coverage vs. minimum coverage for your Fiat

Most states mandate that you have minimum liability insurance before you can legally drive your car. This insurance covers the costs for other drivers if you cause an accident, but it doesn’t cover costs associated with you or your vehicle. Minimum coverages typically include:
Coverage typeProtection offered
Bodily injury liability (per person and accident)Pays for the costs associated with the injuries you’ve caused to others
Property damage liability (per accident)Pays for the costs associated with the damage you cause to other people’s vehicles or property
Some states also mandate uninsured or underinsured motorist protection to cover damages if you’re in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. If you are in a no-fault state, you may be required to have personal injury protection (PIP) to pay for your medical expenses.
Keep in mind, these are just the minimum coverages, it’s always a good idea to invest in more than your state’s minimum coverage if you can afford it. Many drivers opt for full coverage insurance policies, which will make sure you are protected in case of high medical costs or significant vehicle damage. Full coverage insurance typically includes:
Coverage typeProtection offered
Collision coverageCovers the costs associated with collisions with another vehicle or object
Comprehensive coverageCovers costs of damages from an event other than a collision, like a weather event, theft, or vandalism.
The average annual insurance premium for a Fiat is $1,135 per year for minimum car insurance and $1,630 for full-coverage insurance. When you consider all makes and models, the average insurance premium in the US is $1,627 per year for minimum car insurance and $2,297 for full-coverage insurance.
Here’s what it costs to insure a Fiat with minimum coverage and full coverage before and after switching with Jerry.
All Coverage Before Jerry
All Coverage After Jerry
Minimum Coverage Before Jerry
Minimum Coverage After Jerry
Full Coverage Before Jerry
Full Coverage After Jerry
All Coverage Before Jerry
All Coverage After Jerry
Minimum Coverage Before Jerry
Minimum Coverage After Jerry
Full Coverage Before Jerry
Full Coverage After Jerry
Fiats tend to be considered premium cars, but their price tags are often lower than comparable makes, like Volvo or Acura.
This makes insurance premiums for Fiats lower than their competitors, as well.
Here’s a closer look at how insurance premiums for Fiats stack up against other brands:
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

What impacts your insurance costs for Fiat

The car’s specifications play a major role in setting your base premiums, but your demographics—like the specific car you drive, your age, driving history, and location—all impact your rates as well.

The model of Fiat you drive

As mentioned above, the model of Fiat you choose will have a major effect on your insurance premiums. If you drive a subcompact car, like the Fiat 500, your rates will be lower than the larger, and more expensive, Fiat 500L Pop hatchback.
But the specific trim—or version—can cause changes in your insurance rates, even for the same model. A higher trim will come with more expensive insurance costs.
For example, here’s what insurance you might want to consider for different trims of a Fiat 500X.
TrimFeaturesRecommended coverageReason for coverage
Fiat 500X PopThe Fiat 500X is the base model for the popular crossover SUV. It includes the same all-wheel-drive as higher models, but it lacks some of the safety assistance features of the higher trims.Towing and Labor coverageTowing and labor coverage will cover you if you need mechanical assistance while on the road.
Fiat 500X Trekking PlusThe top-of-the-line Trekking Plus has the standard features of the lower trims, but it includes more driver assistance features, like blindspot monitoring. It also includes an updated infotainment system and sound system.[Sound system coverage] ( fancier sound system could require its own coverage.

Your insurance company

The options for insurance companies seem endless, and it can be overwhelming to find a provider who meets your needs. It may seem easiest to stick with your current carrier—but that isn’t always the best option. Each provider uses a different formula to set their rates, so your best bet is to comparison shop to find the best rates for your Fiat.
However, shopping around takes time you may not have—especially if you’re spending hours on the phone with insurance agents. That’s where Jerry comes in.
It takes less than a minute to get competitive quotes from the top auto insurance providers in the country. Once you decide on the right coverage for your Fiat, Jerry handles the rest—you won’t have to lift a finger to finalize your new plan or cancel your old one!
Since Jerry reviews your policy every 6 months, you can be sure that you’re always getting the coverage you need at the best price.
Here’s what Fiat drivers paid for car insurance before and after switching with Jerry:
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Your age

Your age is one of the most important factors providers use when setting your insurance premiums.
On the whole, young drivers pay higher premiums than older drivers. Insurance carriers often consider younger drivers with less driving experience to be high-risk motorists, and they’ll hike up premiums based on the likelihood younger drivers will get in an accident and need to make a claim.

Your driving record

Providers also consider your driving history when assessing your monthly premiums.
If you have a bad driving record, carriers will consider you a high-risk driver. Frequent minor infractions, like multiple speeding tickets, or one larger offense, like a DUI, can mean that you pay a higher price for car insurance.
Fortunately, improving your driving or enrolling in defensive driving classes can help you save money on your car insurance for your Fiat—even with past incidents.
Here are some common insurance premiums for Fiat drivers with previous offenses:
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Where you live

Your location is another main contributor to your car insurance premiums for a Fiat. While you may have the same car, a change of zip code could end up changing what you pay each month.
Providers take into account variables like a city’s accident rates, traffic fatalities, and property crime rates when assessing their risk of making a payment. For example, if you live in a big city with congested roadways, there’s a greater likelihood that you’ll be in a collision—and you’ll pay more to cover your Fiat accordingly.
Additionally, inclement weather also can make a difference in your insurance rates for your Fiat. If you live in an area likely to get hail storms, blizzards, tornadoes, or other natural disasters, your carrier may need to make multiple payouts at once—and they raise premiums for your FIat to account for the risk.
According to our data, there is a high percentage of Fiat drivers in cities including Austin (TX), Fort-Worth (TX), Los-Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX) and Philadelphia (PA).
The cheapest car insurance for Fiat for Jerry users is in Springdale (AR) and Meridian (MS).
The most expensive car insurance for Fiat for Jerry users is in Commack (NY) and Ridgewood (NY).
Regardless of where you live, your demographics, or the model of Fiat you drive, you can find the best rates on car insurance by shopping with Jerry.
In just seconds, Jerry can provide you quotes from over 50 providers. Once you choose the policy that works for you, Jerry will help you take care of the rest—average Jerry users save $879 per year!

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