Does Farm Bureau Offer Rideshare Insurance?

Farm Bureau does not offer rideshare insurance if you drive for a company like Uber or Lyft.
Written by Jessica Gibson
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
Farm Bureau does not offer rideshare insurance, even if you may have heard otherwise. To safely drive for a rideshare company, search for special coverage with a different
car insurance
  • Farm Bureau offers standard car insurance in only eight states.
  • Add a rideshare endorsement to your personal insurance policy.
  • Inform your insurance provider that you drive for a rideshare service.

Does Farm Bureau have rideshare insurance? 

Unfortunately, Farm Bureau doesn’t offer rideshare coverage to its policyholders.
If you’re trying to find rideshare insurance and search Farm Bureau’s website, you’ll quickly realize that they don’t offer any information about this coverage. That’s because Farm Bureau does not provide this specialized type of insurance.
Farm Bureau provides standard car insurance but doesn’t include rideshare insurance. If you’re driving for a transportation network company like Postmates, DoorDash, or Uber, you’ll need to look for a
rideshare add-on
from a different insurance provider.
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What to do if you have Farm Bureau car insurance and drive for a rideshare company

Farm Bureau only offers car insurance for drivers in
New Mexico
South Dakota
, and
. If you have coverage through them and you drive for a rideshare company, your Farm Bureau personal insurance policy will not cover you while the rideshare app is on. 
So, if you’re in a car accident while working, don’t plan on submitting a claim—Farm Bureau will not cover it, and they could even cancel your insurance policy when they find out you’ve been driving without the right coverage.
Instead, you’ll need Uber or Lyft’s commercial auto insurance policy, which provides
bodily injury
property damage liability coverage
up to your policy limit during rides. If you already have a personal
full-coverage policy
from Farm Bureau, the commercial policy also includes
collision coverage
comprehensive coverage
. However, you’ll only enjoy this coverage when you have a passenger in the car.
Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, the commercial auto insurance policy you get from a rideshare company comes with a high deductible. Uber drivers can expect to pay
for each claim, while Lyft drivers have to shell out
It might seem easier just to use the rideshare company’s commercial insurance and hang on to your personal policy, but it’s not a great idea. The commercial policy only protects you when there’s a passenger with you, and your personal policy won’t take care of you if you get into an accident when the rideshare app is turned on. You’d basically be driving without car insurance for a good chunk of your working shift, which is a huge risk. 

What is the best rideshare insurance company?

Just because Farm Bureau doesn’t offer rideshare insurance coverage doesn’t mean you can’t find it through other insurance providers. Here are a few national insurance carriers that offer rideshare endorsements:
Buying rideshare coverage is a little different from purchasing a standard car insurance policy. Instead of getting a separate policy, you’ll add a
rideshare endorsement
to your personal insurance policy. Estimating how much you’ll pay is hard since pricing and coverage limits depend on your demographics and each insurer’s algorithm.
Most rideshare endorsements extend liability coverage and full coverage options from your existing policy to cover you between when your personal policy stops and your rideshare company’s policy kicks in. Depending on your policy and provider, adding a rideshare endorsement could cost anywhere from
$20 to $300 annually
That’s a pretty big range! To ensure you’re getting the best coverage and deal, compare car insurance quotes online. If you’re unsure if a provider offers a rideshare endorsement, talk to one of their insurance agents.
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