Don't Expect Car Insurance Companies To Pay For Routine Repairs

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When it comes to routine car repairs caused by general wear and tear, car insurance companies are typically not responsible for paying. Simply put, the cost for car repair not caused by collisions or accidents is usually not covered by car insurance policies.
Allstate provides information about incidents covered under different insurance policies and how to get additional protection for expensive repairs. You might want to opt for a car warranty that covers maintenance costs if you expect expensive car repair bills.

When are you responsible for car repair costs?

If your car breaks down, has a mechanical or engine failure, the cost of replacement or repair will most likely fall to you. Generally, the repair costs that arise from everyday use won’t be covered.
However, two common types of insurance coverage will help pay for damages from perils and accidents. Comprehensive coverage will cover the costs of damages from perils such as fire, theft, and falling objects. Collision coverage can help you pay for repairs after a collision whether it is with another vehicle or an object.
If you think the cost to maintain your car is low, or your vehicle runs smoothly, you might forgo any optional coverage. In any case, if your car repair is not covered, you might want to keep some funds aside to make sure you can pay for it yourself.

A warranty can help cover an expensive car repair

If you are worried about the maintenance cost of your vehicle, especially if it is a new car, you might want to consider buying a car warranty. Damaging a new car is stressful enough without the additional costs. Like a product warranty, there are different types such as a new car warranty or an extended warranty.
You can usually purchase a car warranty from your car manufacturer, but you can research third-party companies for different options. Websites like Consumer Affairs let you compare different auto warranty options with up-to-date information and reviews.
New car insurance is different from a new car warranty and each protects your car in different ways. Make sure to consider each type of protection so it matches your needs. New car warranties will typically provide “bumper-to-bumper” coverage, including repair costs for your car’s electronics or air conditioning, and “powertrain” coverage for the engine and transmission.
You can also consider getting a membership for roadside assistance to help with things like towing or flat-tire repairs. A similar type of optional roadside coverage might be part of your insurance policy.
Be sure to check what’s included in your coverage when you are shopping for any type of insurance or warranty.

Find affordable insurance coverage while shopping for a warranty

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