Does Progressive Insure Salvage Titles?

Progressive does not sell car insurance for salvage title vehicles as it is illegal and unsafe to drive them.
Written by Jessica Barrett
Edited by Jaya Anandjit
will not offer car insurance for a
salvage title
—nor will any other reputable insurance company.
  • A vehicle with a salvage title has been declared a total loss by an insurance company and is no longer roadworthy.
  • It is illegal (and unsafe) to drive a salvage vehicle on the road so you cannot buy
    car insurance
    for one.
  • You must repair the vehicle, pass inspection, and receive a
    rebuilt title
    to purchase insurance coverage for a vehicle that was declared a total loss.

Does Progressive insure salvage title vehicles?

No—Progressive does not insure vehicles with a salvage title. 
If you want to buy car insurance for a vehicle that has been declared a total loss, you must repair and rebuild it, and then have it inspected for roadworthiness.
Once you’ve been granted a rebuilt title on a car that has a salvage title, you can apply for auto insurance with Progressive. 
Keep in mind: Finding car insurance companies that insure salvage title cars will be virtually impossible, as they are illegal to drive.
Not all insurers will offer insurance on rebuilt cars. Progressive is one of the few top auto insurance companies that offers auto insurance coverage for rebuilt vehicles. Here are some others: 
You may also be able to find insurance through smaller auto insurance companies. Each insurer might have a different process with varying coverage amounts, so you’ll want to shop around before deciding on an insurance policy.

What is a salvage title car?

A salvage title indicates that the vehicle has suffered severe damage in the past and has been deemed totaled by the insurance provider. 
  • When a vehicle’s damage exceeds a certain percentage of the cash value of the vehicle (usually between 75% and 90%), the insurer decides it’s not financially feasible to repair and declares it a "total loss."
  • Although the next steps vary by state, most Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will issue a  junk or salvage certificate to the car. This means that the vehicle cannot be legally driven, sold, or registered in its current condition.
Sometimes, the car will be sold to a junkyard for parts or to DIYers looking for a project. But regardless of your state, the only way to legally drive it is to have a certified mechanic rebuild it and ensure it passes a safety inspection. Only then can you apply for car insurance coverage—but even with a rebuilt title, coverage options may be limited.
While buying a salvage title car can mean a seriously good bargain, purchasing a vehicle with a title is risky. There’s a high chance that the damage is extensive (maybe more than you bargained for) and you won’t find out until further into the repair process.

Can you get Progressive full-coverage insurance on a rebuilt title car?

Some insurers offer insurance for a rebuilt salvage title car, but you’re unlikely to find full-coverage insurance that includes collision and comprehensive coverage. 
Progressive offers full coverage for rebuilt cars on a case-by-case basis. At the very least, Progressive will provide state-mandated coverage, such as
liability coverage
uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
, and
personal injury protection (PIP)
If Progressive approves full coverage for your rebuilt car, they may decide to cover your vehicle for less than its full market value. Sometimes, they may even deny you
collision coverage
if the car has a greater risk of causing an accident due to the previous damage it sustained.

Does it cost more to insure a rebuilt title vehicle?

Because a rebuilt title car has a more extensive history, insurance costs can be higher for a rebuilt car compared to a car with a clean title. 
  • These cars may have unresolved issues from the repair or restoration process, which translates to a higher risk on the road—and a higher likelihood of a costly liability claim
  • Vehicles that have had major damages in the past are also likely to face more expensive damages if involved in future accidents, which increases the cost of full-coverage premiums for rebuilt titles
But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with sky-high insurance rates if you have a rebuilt title car—it just means you’ll have to work a bit harder to find a more affordable rate. When looking for the best car insurance rates, browse at least three to five
auto insurance quotes online
before committing to a policy.
helped me change to Progressive after being with my previous insurer for 25 years. The app is amazing! It grabs your information and finds you a huge variety of choices between carriers and coverage levels.”—Leila S.


A salvage title is given to a vehicle that’s declared a total loss where the cost of repairs outweighs the vehicle's market value. Cars given a salvage title are deemed unroadworthy and generally unsafe to drive due to the danger posed by extensive damage. 
On the other hand, a rebuilt title is given to a car that has been repaired and restored after having a salvage title. It notifies the buyer of the vehicle’s history and must pass a series of safety tests before it can claim the rebuilt title from the state’s DMV.
According to the Kelley Blue Book, a salvage title can decrease the value of a car between 20% and 40% depending on the extent of the damage the vehicle has ensured and the type of car. If you’re considering purchasing a salvage car, ask the seller about the car’s value before committing to the purchase—you’ll want to pay significantly less for this type of vehicle.
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