Dairyland Car Insurance Review 2022

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Here are quotes from real Jerry users:
Quote DateCar MakeCar ModelStateCityNameAge
Annual Savings after Switching to Dairyland with Jerry
May 4, 2022DodgeGrand Caravan SENEOmahaOra L.25-34$676
May 9, 2022LexusGS 300VABristolMilton M.18-20$1,027
May 5, 2022ToyotaCorolla LINNewburghEsther R.35-44$975
April 25, 2022NissanAltima SRALPrattvilleEddie B.25-34$1,626
May 3, 2022BuickLucerne CXPAWhitehallJoel W.21-24$892
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

Quick Look: Dairyland car insurance

Good for
High-risk drivers with repeat offenses
Coverage for special parts and after-market additions
Motorcycle insurance

What coverages does Dairyland offer?

Dairyland is known for providing insurance to high-risk drivers and motorcycle owners—and they’ve specialized in serving this customer segment since the 1950s. Dairyland offers a variety of coverage options, some optional and some mandatory. Here’s a rundown:

Most common coverages

  • Liability insurance: Liability insurance is mandatory in most states. It includes bodily injury liability and property damage liability, which protect other drivers if you cause an accident.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Comprehensive coverage is optional in every state, but you might be required to have it if you are leasing or financing your vehicle. It pays for damage that is not the result of a collision—like from severe weather, vandalism, or theft.
  • Collision insurance: Collision coverage is optional but, again, may be required if you’re leasing or financing. This coverage pays for damage to your car that is the result of a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist protection: Uninsured/underinsured motorist protection helps cover costs resulting from an accident caused by a driver without any (or enough) insurance. This coverage is really important if you live in a state with a higher than average percentage of uninsured drivers.
  • Medical payments coverage: MedPay covers medical costs for you and your passengers if you get injured in a car accident, even if you were at fault. MedPay is required in a few states but it’s optional in most.

Helpful add-on policies

  • Special equipment coverage: If you added custom parts to your car, this policy may help cover damage repair costs. This could include paint work, interior modifications, electronic systems, and special wheels or tires.
  • Lienholder policy: This policy covers the cost of any custom additions that need repair after an accident if the bank still owns your vehicle.
  • Towing and labor coverage: Get roadside assistance up to your limit with a towing and labor coverage add-on policy, which includes a pick-up if you get into an accident.
  • SR-22: High-risk drivers must file an SR-22 form to be allowed to drive. Your insurance company must file the form on your behalf, and Dairyland does this for free.

Motorcycle-specific add-ons

  • Guest passenger coverage: This policy pays for the medical treatment that your passengers sustain while being carried on your motorbike.
  • Replacement cost: If your motorcycle is less than three years old, you can get this policy to cover the cost for replacing your bike if it gets completely totaled in a covered claim.
  • Rental reimbursement: Need a rental while your bike is being repaired for a covered claim? This policy has you covered.
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

How much does Dairyland auto insurance cost?

The average annual premium for minimum car insurance with Dairyland is $1,278. For full coverage that gives you greater financial protection, the average premium is closer to --.
Your insurance rate is unique to you. Companies calculate your rate based on your unique driving record, your personal profile, and the type of vehicle you drive—along with other risk factors. As a result, premiums vary greatly from driver to driver.
Here is the average monthly payment that Dairyland drivers pay for minimum and full-coverage insurance:
Average Monthly Cost for Minimum CoverageAverage Monthly Cost for Full Coverage
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now
Young drivers with Dairyland typically pay $2,235 each year for car insurance, whereas older drivers pay an average of -- annually.
Drivers with more experience are less risky—that’s why insurance companies charge older drivers less for a policy. Young and inexperienced drivers are nearly three times more likely to get into an accident, which makes them higher risk and accounts for their higher insurance premiums.
Here is what Dairyland customers pay based on their age group:
Average Monthly Cost for Minimum CoverageAverage Monthly Cost for Full Coverage

Who qualifies?

Dairyland specializes in drivers who have a history of infractions, as well as motorcycle owners.
It doesn’t claim to have the best website on the market, but Dairyland serves non-standard drivers in 37 states with essential policies and good options for motorcycle operators.
Non-standard drivers (people with a blemish on their driving record) will probably find a more affordable policy at Dairyland than at many other car insurance companies.
Here is the average yearly cost of Dairyland insurance for drivers with an infraction on their record:
Driving InfractionAnnual Cost
Annual Savings after Switching to Dairyland with Jerry
Clean Record$1,939$979
Eluding Police$2,371$1,979
Illegal Turn$2,407$1,368
Speeding over 15$2,523$1,177
Open Container$2,765$912
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign$2,460$1,186
Improper Passing$2,236$1,324
Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$1,768$1,779
Driving on Sus. License$2,356$1,085
Speeding under 15$2,326$1,048
Racing/Drag Racing$2,405$953
Careless Driving$2,305$935
Passing School Bus$2,402$818
Defective Equipment$2,196$991
Seat Belt$2,416$526
Leaving scene of an Accident/Hit and Run$1,800$1,068
Reckless Driving$1,398$893
Key Takeaway Dairyland offers insurance to a variety of drivers but specializes in high-risk drivers with a history of accidents.
The Jerry app is an efficient, straightforward way to compare and purchase car insurance—no matter your driving history or location. It generates competitive quotes from top companies and then handles the paperwork on your behalf. The whole thing is free to use and it only takes 60 seconds.
By state, here’s the average annual cost of Dairyland insurance:
StateAnnual Cost
Annual Savings after Switching to Dairyland with Jerry
Key Takeaway No matter your driving record or state, the Jerry app can help you quickly find and purchase a car insurance policy.


Dairyland offers discounts to help their policyholders cut down on the overall price of car insurance premiums. Taken on their own, each discount is only a few percentage points—but you can qualify for multiple discounts to get a bigger reduction.
Here are a few of the most common driver- and vehicle-based discounts from Dairyland:
Anti-theft discountIf your vehicle has anti-theft devices installed, like a car alarm or steering wheel lock, you could qualify for this discount.
Homeowner discountOwning your home or condo is enough to unlock this discount.
Driver safety course discountComplete an approved driver safety class and get a discount (not available in every state).
Here are some common policy-based discounts that Dairyland offers:
Multi-car discountInsure two or more cars through Dairyland and enjoy a rate reduction.
Pay-in-full discountIf you can pay once a year, or even every six months or quarter, Dairyland will reward you by reducing your overall rate.
HOG discountMotorcycle drivers who are members of the Harley Owners Group can get a discount.

Additional services

Dairyland only offers auto and motorcycle insurance.
Their emphasis on motorcycles means that they offer special services to satisfy motorcycle riders. You can modify your coverage limits at any time, which is really useful if you’re an infrequent or seasonal driver.
They also offer a Safe Trip Motorcycle Program, which allows infrequent riders and international visitors to get temporary motorcycle insurance. You can apply coverage of 30, 60, or 90 days to a bike you own or rent.

Things to keep in mind

Payment methods

Dairyland customers can submit payments via the website or mobile app. It’s also possible to make a phone payment 24/7 by calling 800-334-0090. The company website does not mention anything about payments by mail or in person, but Dairyland does offer flexible payment plans.

Cancellation policy

To cancel a Dairyland policy, visit their website or call 800-334-0090. You may be subject to an early cancellation fee, although you may also be eligible for a partial refund if you paid in full and it’s the middle of your term.
Jerry can help you handle cancellations and refund requests, too.
Use Jerry to compare the insurance prices of up to 50+ carriers in only 45 secondsFind savings now

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