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Clearcover Car Insurance Review 2022

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Clearcover is an auto insurance provider based solely on an app—and it delivers on affordable rates.
Hunting down an ideal car insurance company is rarely easy—but that’s why Jerry was created. As the car owners’ super app and a licensed insurance broker, Jerry works with more than 55 top companies—including Clearcover—to bring you customized quotes in just 45 seconds!
Wondering if Clearcover is the right option for you? Luckily, Jerry’s also a car insurance expert, so you can trust this handy Clearcover car insurance review with all the necessary details to make an informed decision. 

Clearcover auto insurance overview

Clearcover is a relatively new auto insurance provider offering coverage in 20 states through an online-only platform.  
As a newer company, Clearcover currently only sells car insurance. However, you can add extra coverages to your car insurance, like roadside assistance, rideshare coverage, and alternate transportation coverage. 
Even though it’s a younger company, A.M. Best—the only credit rating agency concentrated on the insurance industry—gave Clearcover an excellent A- rating on financial strength. That means Clearcover can pay claims without difficulty, making sure you’re getting the coverage you’ve paid for. 
Clearcover customers are generally satisfied with their coverage, but it’s hard to get an accurate read on the reputation of such a young company. That being said, Clearcover could stand to work on their customer service. Customer reviews on Better Business Bureau report that communication with Clearcover can be difficult, especially after an accident. 

Clearcover pros and cons

Easy online processLow customer service ratings
Cheap ratesCar insurance only
Good, simple coverage optionsOnly available in 20 states

Clearcover claim resolution time

Clearcover manages to resolve most claims within one to seven days on average‚ though this will vary depending on the claim and circumstances. 

How to get Clearcover car insurance quotes

If you’re looking for a quick quote from Clearcover, you can apply on their website—but that’s only half of the work. Compare rates from Clearcover and many other providers, like Nationwide and Allstate, by downloading the Jerry app. That way, you can see how Clearcover stacks up against other insurance companies. 


You can file a claim on the Clearcover app, by logging into your Clearcover account online, or by calling (855) 444-1875 with your insurance policy number. 
When filing online or via the app, be ready to provide the following information:
1. The accident location, date, and time
2. Photos of the vehicle 
3. License and insurance information from the other driver(s)
4. Any police reports filed from the incident
Yes, Clearcover is a good insurance company for drivers looking for cheap rates and an easy online process. However, without many years of customer service experience to pull from, Clearcover may not be as good for some customers as another more established insurance provider.
Clearcover is currently available in the following 20 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
The easiest way to contact Clearcover is by using the chat function in the Clearcover mobile app. You can also call 855-444-1875 or email them at support@clearcover.com. 
To see Clearcover quotes and compare them to quotes from other providers, save some time and effort by downloading the Jerry app. 

Clearcover car insurance cost

One of Clearcover’s biggest selling points is cheaper rates on car insurance coverage, but how accurate is that claim? 
Pretty accurate, as it turns out. Clearcover drivers pay an average of $547 a year for a minimum-coverage policy or $1,052 per year for full coverage—and these numbers fall well below the average cost of annual coverage
Check out the table below to see the difference between Clearcover’s averages compared to the national average. 


What factors does Clearcover look at?

Your rates at Clearcover differ from other companies because every insurance provider uses a different methodology to determine your premiums. Clearcover relies on its actuaries to decide on which factors to include in these calculations. Factors can include the following:  
  • Age: For the most part, younger drivers will pay more expensive premiums at Clearcover. 
  • Traffic violations: Traffic tickets for violations like speeding can increase your rate. 
  • At-fault accidents: Causing an accident will almost always raise your premium since you’ll be considered a higher risk. 
  • Other accidents: Depending on which state you live in, a no-fault accident record could still raise your rate. 
  • Insurance lapse: Having a lapse in coverage puts you in a higher-risk category, increasing your rates. 
  • Location: Your ZIP code will affect your rates based on the risk of accidents in the area in addition to crime rates, weather patterns, and more. 
  • Credit score: On average, the higher your credit score, the lower your rates will be. 
  • Driving habits: If you drive fewer miles, you could earn a lower rate since you’re less of a risk on the road. 

Which Clearcover customers get the best rates? 

The Clearcover customers who score the best rates compared to national averages are drivers with at-fault accidents on their driving records
You can see how Clearcover’s average rates compare to other companies' averages. 
Before Jerry
After Jerry
Clean Record$2,629$1,772
Vehicle Theft$4,776$2,063
Reckless Driving$4,177$1,675
Illegal Turn$3,398$2,084
Careless Driving$3,358$1,929
Speeding over 15$3,337$2,141
Passing School Bus$3,250$2,413
Seat Belt$3,122$1,652
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign$3,096$1,945
Cell Phone$3,067$1,938
Improper Passing$3,053$1,995
Driving on Sus. License$3,044$1,754
Defective Equipment$3,011$2,086
Speeding under 15$2,935$1,855
Leaving scene of an Accident/Hit and Run$2,746$1,926
Eluding Police$2,661$1,408
Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$2,616$1,614
Open Container$2,508$1,664
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Clearcover car insurance rates with violations

Even high-risk drivers can find deals on coverage with Clearcover—including drivers with violations like speeding tickets. If you get a more serious offense, like a DUI or reckless driving charge—your premiums can soar. 
See the table below to check out the average rates Clearcover customers with violations pay for coverage. 
Driving InfractionAnnual Cost
Annual Savings With Jerry
Clean Record$1,772$856
Vehicle Theft$2,063$2,713
Reckless Driving$1,675$2,501
Illegal Turn$2,084$1,314
Careless Driving$1,929$1,429
Speeding over 15$2,141$1,196
Passing School Bus$2,413$836
Seat Belt$1,652$1,471
Failure to Obey Traffic Sign$1,945$1,151
Cell Phone$1,938$1,130
Improper Passing$1,995$1,057
Driving on Sus. License$1,754$1,290
Defective Equipment$2,086$925
Speeding under 15$1,855$1,080
Leaving scene of an Accident/Hit and Run$1,926$820
Eluding Police$1,408$1,253
Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$1,614$1,002
Open Container$1,664$844

Clearcover car insurance costs with DUI

Drivers with a DUI conviction pay an average rate of -4.41% for annual car insurance with Clearcover. That’s -4.41% more than the average rate without a DUI on your record. 

Clearcover car insurance costs with a speeding ticket

Clearcover customers with a recent speeding ticket on their record will pay 4.53% on average for their annual car insurance. This is 4.53% more than the average rate without a ticket. If you were caught speeding a substantial amount over the limit—or if you have multiple speeding tickets—you can expect your rate to go up even more. 

Clearcover car insurance rates by age

One of the most significant factors that affect car insurance premiums is age, and that goes for Clearcover’s annual rates, too. The graph below shows how rates compare among different age groups for Clearcover customers. 

Clearcover car insurance costs for young drivers

Teenage drivers are among the highest-risk drivers due to their inexperience, which can lead to more accidents and traffic violations. Young drivers almost always pay more for coverage than any other demographic, and that’s true for Clearcover policyholders as well. 

Where is Clearcover insurance the cheapest?

Clearcover may only be available in 20 states so far, but customers generally find the most savings in New York, Washington D.C., Florida, Michigan, and Indiana—but every state can find deals where Clearcover is offered. 
West Virginia$1,230
New Mexico$1,234
South Dakota$1,279
North Carolina$1,346
New Hampshire$1,619
South Carolina$1,743
Rhode Island$1,849
District Of Columbia$2,038
New Jersey$2,060
New York$2,841
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Clearcover car insurance discounts

Clearcover often offers cheaper rates than other providers, and that’s due in part to Clearcover not offering discounts outright like other companies. Instead, they factor your qualifying details into your quote to account for lower rates from the get-go. 
The one exception is Clearcover’s military discount, which offers a 15% discount for all active military personnel. Active duty military personnel in Louisiana can get an additional 25% discount as well, in addition to their children who are under 25 years of age.

Clearcover auto insurance coverage options

If you’re looking for a policy that meets your state’s minimum insurance requirements, you’ll be able to find the coverage you need from just about any insurance company—but what coverage options does Clearcover have for drivers looking for more thorough coverage? 
Clearcover provides the following types of coverage as required by law: 
Other than the minimum required coverages, Clearcover also offers the following coverage types: 
  • Comprehensive coverage: This coverage helps pay for damage caused by weather, animals, theft, vandalism, fire, or other unexpected events. 
  • Collision insurance: If your vehicle is damaged by any sort of collision—with another car or stationary object—this coverage takes care of the damage. 
  • Roadside assistance: Also known as towing and labor coverage, roadside assistance pays for towing, battery jumpstarts, or other services you may need if your car breaks down. 
  • Alternate transportation: If your car is being repaired, this add-on coverage will provide you with a $30 per diem for a rental car, public transportation, or a rideshare service. 
  • Rideshare endorsement: With this coverage, your personal insurance will extend to the time you’re driving for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft. 

Clearcover payment options

To make payments, Clearcover accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, direct deposits, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. You can pay online or via the mobile app. 

Key Takeaways

  • Clearcover provides cheaper rates on coverage for most drivers—especially those with at-fault accidents on their record. 
  • Clearcover doesn’t offer discounts because they incorporate normal discount qualifications into their quotes. 
  • Clearcover has mixed reviews for customer service.

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