The Most Common 2020 Lincoln Nautilus Problems

Issues with backover prevention, powertrain, and speed control are the three complaints about the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus. Learn more here.
Written by Brian Hicks
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus has faced complaints about backover prevention, the powertrain, and speed control. There have also been three recalls issued on this luxury SUV.
The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus, a chic and stylish luxury SUV, is an impressive blend of power and sophistication. The vehicle saw a steep decline in sales during the fourth quarter of 2020, but that had nothing to do with the reliability of the vehicle.
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The Most Common 2020 Lincoln Nautilus problems

The 2020 Lincoln Nautilus only has three official complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and each of these complaints is the only one of its kind. Since its release, the Nautilus has had three safety recalls.
The first complaint filed is about the powertrain. When trying to accelerate, the car sounds as if it’s attempting to give more power but is unable to. This appears to have been an isolated incident and not a commonly experienced problem for 2020 Nautilus drivers.
The second complaint is about the backover prevention hardware. The camera installed for backover prevention has failed to operate for some drivers. This complaint is related to one of the three recalls on the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus. Luckily, since the recall, this complaint hasn’t occurred again.
The final complaint is about the vehicle’s speed control. A report claimed that the traction control engages without warning, which can cause the car to accelerate slightly. The traction control will disengage again once the accelerator is disengaged. This also appears to be an isolated incident.
There were two other recalls issued for the 2020 Nautilus other than the backover prevention. They were for damaged wiring, which could cause an airbag malfunction, and inadequate lubrication in the rear drive unit.
Other complaints from drivers include:
  • Engine noise
  • Loud and rough braking
  • Perceived lack of accident protection

Is the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus reliable?

Any driver wants their car to be worth the money. Fortunately, the 2020 Nautilus has extremely few complaints and has moderately high reliability scores from experts, making it a solid choice.
The NHTSA gives the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus a five-star rating overall. The frontal and side crash ratings are both at five stars, and the rollover rating is four stars. J.D. Power gives the 2020 Nautilus an 81 out of 100 for quality and reliability.
When thinking of reliability, you’ll probably also be thinking about average repair costs. Over the first five years, average annual repair costs for the 2020 Nautilus are as follows:
  • First year: $0
  • Second year: $421
  • Third year: $649
  • Fourth year: $698
  • Fifth year: $752
If you’re thinking of buying a Lincoln Nautilus, consider that the 2022 Lincoln Nautilus is only rated one point higher than the 2020 model by J.D. Power. The 2021 Nautilus is rated at an 86, five points higher than the 2020 model, meaning you don’t have to buy the latest model year to enjoy the best the Nautilus has to offer. 

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