The Most Common 2019 Nissan Kicks Problems

The most common 2019 Nissan Kicks problems involve transmission issues and electrical malfunctions.
Written by David Ghanizadeh-Khoob
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
The most common 2019 Nissan Kicks problems include transmission issues and electrical malfunctions often involving the forward collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking systems.
Nissan Kicks
is a stylish, practical, and affordable subcompact SUV. Consumer reports and reviews tend to give the 2019 Nissan Kicks a rating of around 3.5-stars. It seems that some people love it and some people have some complaints.
To help answer the question of whether the 2019 Nissan Kicks is a reliable vehicle, the team at
scoured the internet reading consumer complaints and reviews to find out what common problems people are experiencing. We’ll summarize our findings, then go into detail about how you can use Jerry’s
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The most common 2019 Nissan Kicks problems

As with any vehicle that is only a few years old, it will likely take a few years to fully understand the most common problems for the 2019 Nissan Kicks. That said, there seem to be some patterns among the complaints reported in online forums, reviews, and comment boards. 
Perhaps the most concerning problem that is commonly reported for the 2019 Nissan Kicks is transmission problems. There are a lot of reports online of drivers experiencing grinding, skipping, and sticking when switching gears or accelerating. 
The 2019 Nissan Kicks uses a continuous variable speed automatic transmission (CVT transmission). While we haven’t seen many reports yet of full transmission failure, the CVT transmission in some other Nissan models, like the Versa, has proven prone to problems. Unfortunately, if it comes down to it, replacing a transmission is expensive—costing up to $4,000.
The most frequently mentioned problems for the 2019 Kicks are related to electrical system issues. Of the 48 complaints mentioned on the NHTSA website, 26 were related to electrical issues. The most common of these complaints involve the automatic emergency braking system (AEB), forward collision avoidance (FCA) system, and backup camera.
A number of drivers have reported a malfunction of the FCA and AEB systems. Sometimes the malfunction just leads to a dash light turning on, sometimes it shuts down the cruise control, and sometimes it causes the car to try to brake suddenly to avoid an obstacle that doesn’t exist. 
The backup camera issue is a common problem. The only recall for the 2019 Kicks is for the backup camera problem, with an order for Nissan to do a software update to repair the issue. Drivers commonly experience the screen simply turning black when putting the car into reverse.
These are the most commonly reported problems for the 2019 Nissan Kicks, but they aren’t the only problems. Some other issues that we encountered several times during our search include:
  • Complaints of lack of power when accelerating, potentially an issue with fuel intake
  • Further electrical issues like the key fob or radio not working properly
  • Complaints of the car stalling while driving
Many of these common problems can lead to dangerous driving conditions and may eventually require expensive repairs. If you notice any abnormal signs or sounds when driving your Nissan Kicks, take it to a mechanic or dealership as soon as possible.

Is the 2019 Nissan Kicks reliable?

If you look for reliability scores for the 2019 Nissan Kicks on the usual websites, like J.D. Power, you’ll probably see a reliability score of around 3 stars, or simply no reliability score available. 
Again, with a vehicle that is only a few years old and a model that has only been around since 2016, it is difficult to say just yet how reliable the Nissan Kicks is. Nissan tends to be a pretty reliable brand, but up to this point, the Nissan Kicks seems to be building a reputation as one model to try to avoid. 
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