The World's First Flying Car Is In Miami

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Car technology gets more and more impressive every day, and just when you thought things couldn't get any crazier, now they have. In what way, you ask? Well, it turns out that flying cars are real, and now one has even come to Miami
Curious to learn more about this flying car? Read on for all the details. 
An AeroMobil flying car on a test flight.

What is this flying car all about?

The car in question recently hit the art scene in Miami, where it appeared at Art Basel Miami Beach, the world-renowned art fair. While an art fair might seem like an odd choice for a technology venture, the car appearing in Miami was dubbed a "flying art car" to help it fit in among the other artistic projects on display.
According to Innovators, the company behind the flying car is the Slovakian venture AeroMobil. AeroMobil has actually been touting plans for this flying car at least since 2017 and intends to begin selling it on the market in 2023. The company has been promoting its hybrid car/plane vehicles as "personal transport" options that can help ease problems associated with rush hour traffic, which remote work didn't kill off permanently

This flying car doesn't quite fit expectations

The AeroMobil car on display at Art Basel Miami Beach doesn't necessarily look like what those of us raised on “The Jetsons” might expect. While that futuristic family's car was a simple bubble pod with seemingly no use for wheels, AeroMobil's design went in an entirely different direction.
Not only does the flying car in Miami Beach have wheels, but it also sports a rear that's much more pronounced and angular than our typical vision of a flying car. Then there's the darkly tinted glass covering much of the front portion of the car. That's not something we generally expect to see on most cars' windshields, but it certainly is eye-catching. 
All in all, the look of this flying art car definitely stands out from the pack and is sure to get people talking when it finally hits the market next year. 

Here's the rundown on Aeromobil's specs

If you're wondering what a buyer could expect from this flying car, AIN Online has provided some details. First, there's the impressive fact that this vehicle can transform from road warrior to flight mode in just three minutes. 
This flying car can reach a top speed of 139 knots and climb at a rate of 1,200 fpm. Not too shabby for a personal transportation vehicle, if we do say so ourselves. 
For those concerned about safety, the flying car comes equipped with an emergency ballistic parachute, which can safely lower the car back to the ground in the event of a catastrophic mechanical failure. 

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