Why Is the Ferrari F40 One of the Most Coveted Italian Supercars?

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Built in 1987, the Ferrari F40 was a celebration of the brand's 40th anniversary. It also marked the end of an era, since it was the last model personally approved by the company's legendary founder, Enzo Ferrari, before his death at 90 in 1988.
Powerful, sleek, and definitely minimalistic, the Ferrari F40 would evolve into a luxury car like no other. This luxury performance car features stunning good looks as well as incredible speed. And such a valuable package has held value over time, as F40s routinely sell for over $1 million. 

A brief history of the Ferrari F40

The F40 cruises down an empty city street.
The Ferrari F40 now sells for over $1 million, and reaches speeds of over 200 mph.
MotorTrend says that the legendary Ferrari F40 evolved from the company's Group B rally class cars when engineer Nicola Materazzi requested a favor from company founder Enzo Ferrari. Materazzi wanted permission to model Ferrari's future production cars on the company's thriving rally cars. Ferrari gave his permission, on the condition that all of the engineering work was done after hours.
Materazzi and a small team of dedicated engineers soon produced two of the '80s best supercars, the 288 GTO road car and the 288 GTO Evoluzione racer. Unfortunately, the cars would never have a chance to race when their Group B class was eliminated. 
They did, however, give rise to a legend—the Ferrari F40 supercar. That ride showcased its racing car pedigree with a top speed of 201 mph. It was a record speed for a production car at the time.

Was the F40 actually a good investment?

Apparently, buyers thought so. A booming economy and the rumored imminent death of the legendary Enzo Ferrari combined to create a buying frenzy. The initial planned production run of 400 units skyrocketed to 1,315 by the time the F40 retired in 1992.
Speculators who had been in on the frenzied buying were furious with the company for not limiting the number of units sold. It made it difficult for them to double the car's original sticker price, set at $400,000, with so many extra units available. Ferrari learned its lesson and stuck with strict production limits with later models.
Even with over a thousand of these fabulous vehicles on the road, prices continue to climb. If, like many people, an F40 is your dream car, you'll have to pay very well for the privilege of owning one!

The Ferrari F40 won best supercar

According to Automotive World, 2016's The Fast Car Festival celebration of performance cars took a poll to name the 10 best supercars of all time. The legendary Ferrari F40 topped the list, beating out its 2nd and 3rd place rivals, the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and McLaren F1.

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