What Is the Most Efficient Gas Powered Car?

With gas prices spiking, MPG is more important than ever. Here are the three most efficient options that will accommodate any lifestyle.
Written by Clare Behe
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Updated on Jun 01, 2022
Electric vehicle technology is evolving before our very eyes, but with only 4% of the world’s cars being electric, perhaps EVs are not quite as accessible as they need to be yet. If you're in the market for a gas-efficient vehicle that won't break the bank but
doesn't need
to be plugged in, check out these three.

The Toyota Sienna Hybrid 

2022 is the first model year that Toyota is offering this family-friendly ride as a hybrid. It comes standard with two engines providing FWD, and a third engine at the rear of the buyer opts for AWD.
The minivan is designed to give a sporty, SUV-like appearance. Car and Driver
points out
the flat-faced hood and bike rack as giveaways that the 2022 Sienna is looking to charm larger families who are just as outdoorsy as the next one. 
But whether it's being driven to the Appalachians or the office, its 36 MPG highway mileage is nothing to sneeze at for a minivan, thanks to its (non-optional) hybrid setup. 
It seems that power and acceleration are sacrificed for the mileage, however. 0-60 takes the Platinum edition 7.7 seconds, notably more sluggish than gas-powered competitors. Features including interior fabric varieties, a minifridge, and ottomans, are offered in the six different editions of the 2022 Sienna, with the LE base model starting at $35,925, all the way up to the Platinum at $51,365.
Overall, the Sienna isn't going to win any street races, but it will transport family, friends, and luggage
in comfort
, without costing a pretty penny. 

Ford Maverick Hybrid pickup 

Pickups are not what come to mind when looking for good mileage, but Ford is looking to change the game with the compact Maverick hybrid. Ford lists the mpg as 40 on the highway, but
some reviewers
—including the Environmental Protection Agency—have gotten as high as 42.
The base model with FWD starts at $21,000, and AWD at $23,300. Essentially, the Maverick provides the pros of sedan pricing and fuel efficiency with the power of a pick-up. Buyers will likely want to go for the upgraded models, as a
complaint (among very few) in critics’ reviews was the lack of oft-standard options, such as cruise control, in the XL and XLT editions.
Occasional grumbles regarding stiff seating also emerged, but the Maverick is generally being lauded as a feisty challenger to the reign of the mid-size pickups. 

Hyundai Ioniq hybrid 

The Ioniq’s main draw is that it gets better mileage than a Prius without needing to be charged. It boasts 59 mpg combined and challenges competitors by starting at an affordable $24,995.
It's the kind of vehicle James Bond would drive—that is, if he actually wanted to remain undercover. For anyone who is not a die-hard hatchback fan, there's nothing exceptional about the Ioniq’s
The mundane design approach covers the interior of the car, although Hyundai's use of sustainable materials (composites of volcanic rock and sugar cane) makes this forgivable. 
Modern safety features and an ability to gently guide the buyer to the world of EV operations are where the Ioniq truly shines. Even the base model includes lane assist,
regenerative braking
with customization to help the driver adapt to the brake system, automated emergency brakes, and rear- and forward-cross-traffic alerts. Even the infotainment system was dubbed
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