Why Is Tesla’s Factory in Germany Only Producing Black and White Vehicles?

Despite promises made a few years ago, Tesla’s Berlin facility isn’t offering the slew of color options that were inspected. Instead, drivers have two options: black, or white.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Updated on Jul 31, 2022
German factory has been noted for experiencing problems, but it seems to have struck a new balance—or a simpler one, anyway. The factory is now only producing Tesla Model Ys in black and white, which is surprising for a company with five total color options. 
Whatever the reasons are for this limited variety, we’re at least glad to know that the production delays seem to be disappearing, albeit slowly. 
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Remember in 2020 when Elon Musk touted that Tesla would offer drivers the world's most advanced paint shop at the Berlin factory?
Fast forward to 2022, and one of Tesla’s biggest locations is producing only black and white EVs. So, the promises may have fallen through a little bit. That is something Tesla has a habit of doing, but to be fair, the car industry has suffered its fair share of setbacks since 2020. 
Tesla has had to lay off workers, find alternate precious metal suppliers, and compete with other carmakers who are gunning for Tesla’s top dog position as an EV maker. 

What can we infer from Tesla’s two-paint plan?

Musk has been anything but cryptic when it comes to the fact that Tesla’s two newest facilities—the
Austin, Texas
, and Berlin locations have been struggling a lot. 
Musk himself has also been grappling with some setbacks.
Twitter is hot on his heels
with a multi-billion dollar lawsuit that certainly isn’t going to assure investors that Tesla is on stable ground in any sense. However, Tesla is still king of the EV world—at least for now. 
As to whether they’ll be able to hold onto their market dominance depends entirely on their EV performance, pricing, and availability. Even though Teslas have highly competitive battery range and luxury features, they’re expensive. 
As we’ve reported previously, Tesla is also doing everything they can to prevent shutting down the Berlin and Austin area facilities, after zealously hiring too many employees in non-manufacturing positions. 

Can customers get the Model Y in other colors from the Berlin facility?

Not from the Berlin facility. Those who order a vehicle from Berlin will also be waiting until October to receive their Tesla Model Y. If you want any of the other color schemes, you’ll have to receive your Model Y through the Shanghai facility, and won’t get your Tesla until sometime in 2023. 

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