Like It Or Not, There Are A Lot of Idiots in Cars (On YouTube)

Searching “idiots in cars” on the internet turns up an enormous amount of content. Here’s what you can expect.
Written by Alex Reale
For many of us, driving is so second nature that we don’t even notice we’re doing it. 
But this feeling of mastery comes with costs—like it or not, you’re still maneuvering a heavy, dangerous machine in a sea of other people who are doing the same. Inevitably, there will be some unfortunate interactions and
damaged cars
. And in a world where everything is chronicled meticulously on the internet, there are sites where these unfortunate interactions live forever. 
, the
trustworthy insurance comparison app
, looks at what you can expect from searching on YouTube (or Subreddit) for “Idiots in Cars.”

Idiots in cars on YouTube

Though there is no way to see exactly how many videos a search returns on YouTube, it’s clear that “idiots in cars” is a major preoccupation of a lot of people: the scroll is endless. Video after video, from all kinds of sources, has some variation of these keywords as part of its title, and the thumbnails show varying levels of car derangement.
A channel called “Road Legends” is especially prolific. Since July of 2021, dozens of posts have been uploaded, with titles like “Best of Idiots in Cars” or “Idiots in Cars Compilation,” all numbered in an orderly fashion. 
There is even a clip show of sorts. In “BEST OF 2021 - Idiots in Cars,” we see pickups going sideways, gas stations catching on fire, truly terrible lane changing choices, and one instance of someone opening their driver door to knock over a series of cones as they drive past them. Chaotic evil. 
Many of these crashes can be painful to watch, so use caution, but the overwhelming question you may have after consuming “idiots in cars” content is—why do people do what they do on the road? This is a master class in poor and impulsive decision making.
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Idiots in cars on Reddit, too

If the YouTube options weren’t enough to scratch your idiots in cars itch, try the Subreddit. (Note: “Road Legends” apparently derives much of its content from r/idiotsincars, so you may see some duplicates if this was your channel of choice.)
The Subreddit is a different experience of the idiots in cars phenomenon, mostly because Reddit’s format allows for commentary from the poster. The posts, which are a mix of photos and short videos, are captioned with information, snark, or frustrations. 
References to the main topic of this Subreddit are everywhere. A few choice captions include “idiot tried going over the curb and got stuck” and “idiot so worried about flipping off another driver,
runs red light
and instantly hits someone else.”
It’s a cringey scroll, but there are also moments of hilarity, as in the post titled “Just some regular California driving,” in which a car gets to the top of an onramp to the highway, doesn’t merge, and instead immediately makes a U-turn to join opposing traffic. We won’t miss the danger that human beings pose when autonomous vehicles take over, but we might miss the comment section.

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