Where to Find a Ford Explorer Spare Tire

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The Ford Explorer comes equipped with a spare tire located in front of the rear bumper just under the vehicle. Ford also provides you with a special tool to remove the spare from its mount. 
Recently, Ford announced that they would begin offering Michelin SelfSeal tires with certain trim levels from their Explorer line. The Michelin tires come standard on the Explorer Platinum and Explorer Limited Hybrid FWD models and are optional on other FWD and AWD models. 
So what does this mean for you? The tires seal 90% of tread punctures up to about a quarter-inch in diameter, meaning if you opt for the Michelins, you’re less likely to lose control of your vehicle or need to make a service-repair pitstop.
Maintaining proper care of your tires is a great way to stay safe on the road. But things happen—flat tires being one of them. That’s why car insurance app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know about the Ford Explorer spare tire and how to use one. 
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Is there a spare in a Ford Explorer?

Yes, the Ford Explorer comes with one spare tire. The tire is mounted underneath the rear of the vehicle, just in front of the rear bumper. 
You’ll need a special tool (provided by the manufacturer) to remove the tire from its mount—a regular socket wrench won’t do. 
Explorer spare tires are held in place by two parts: a retainer and a retainer cable. This makes removing the spare a little tricky. If you need to remove your Explorer’s spare tire, you can follow these steps to complete the job:
  • Park your car. Apply the parking brake and cut off the engine. Have all passengers exit the vehicle if possible. 
  • Open the rear liftgate. The rear liftgate is located underneath the second cargo cover. Remove the cover and the wing nut so that you can access the vehicle’s tool bag.
  • Remove the winch wrench. The winch wrench looks similar to a socket wrench, but only the winch wrench can lower the retainer cable.
  • Lower the spare tire. Start by opening the first cargo cover. This will allow you to access the spare tire retainer winch. From there, use your winch to loosen the winch and lower the spare.
If you’re caught on the side of the road with a flat and don’t feel comfortable removing your Ford Explorer’s spare tire, try calling a roadside assistance company.
But regardless if you or someone else swaps a flat tire with a spare one, you’ll need to have the spare changed as soon as possible. Driving on one can cause damage to other vehicle parts, including your transmission

How to use the spare tire on a Ford Explorer

Getting a flat tire is more common than most people think, which means preparing for the unexpected could save you a lot of time (and stress). If you notice you have a flat, remain calm and navigate to the side of the road. As far away from traffic is your best bet. 
Once you’re positioned in a safe spot, place your car in park and engage the emergency parking brake. Next, shut off your engine.
Remove the spare tire by opening the two cargo covers and using your Ford Explorer winch wrench to loosen the retainer winch and lower the tire.
Jack the car up, then remove the flat tire and position the spare tire onto the axle. Make sure to tighten the spare tire retainer winch, so that your tire is locked into place.
Drive to a mechanic immediately. Spare tires aren’t designed to travel long distances or go over certain speeds. Think of them as a band-aid for a much too large wound. 

How to save money on car insurance

There’s never a good time to get a flat tire, and with tire replacement costs averaging $95 per tire, you’ll want to protect your vehicle in any way you can. One way to do this is by making sure you have great car insurance coverage.
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A Ford Explorer spare tire will run you between $150 and $350, but high-performance replacement tires can set you back over $500.
The spare tire on a Ford Explorer is located in front of the rear bumper, just under the vehicle.
The spare tire of your Ford Explorer is held in position by a retainer and retainer cable. In order to remove the spare tire from its mount, you’ll need to use the special tool provided by the manufacturer. 
If your Explorer doesn’t have this tool or you misplaced it, contact a Ford dealer. Removing the spare tire without it is impossible.

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