Bugatti Mistral Primed to Make History By Saying Goodbye to Impressive Engine

Bugatti’s farewell to its famed W-16 engine will be with the ushered in by the Bugatti Mistral. Got $5 million to spare?
Written by Katie Dyer
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
has revealed their last car to be powered by their famed W-16 engine. The new Bugatti Mistral, named after a powerful wind in Southern France, will usher out the legendary engine in a blaze of high-performing glory.
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The famous Bugatti engine and aesthetic

Every Bugatti since the Veyron in 2005 has featured the famous 8.0-liter, quad-turbocharged W-16 engine—but the Mistral will be the very last. The Mistral has the 1,578-hp version of the W-16 used in the
Super Sport 300+. Built on the same platform as the Chiron, it will be a limited-release open-top roadster.
Bugatti said that designing the Mistral was a challenge. It may be built on the Chiron’s platform, but the structure wasn’t designed for an open-top vehicle, which meant the carbon-fiber monocoque needed to be reconfigured. However, Bugatti managed to re-engineer and reshape the monocoque to enable maximum performance with the roof off while still keeping Bugatti's renowned eye-catching, sleek look. 
According to
Top Speed
, the Mistral pulls details from various Bugattis, with the four-stripe headlights from the La Voiture Noir as a representation of the car’s four turbochargers, Boldie track car taillights, and the front end similar to the Divo hypercar. 

Will the Bugatti Mistral be the fastest open-top car on Earth?

Will the Mistral be the record-breaking fastest car? Maybe. The closed-top Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ with the same W-16 engine reached a jaw-dropping 304 mph. According to
Motor Authority
, Bugatti has a goal for the Mistral “to set a land-speed record for an open-top production vehicle”, which would mean reaching 256.6 mph! 
The current record was set by the Hennessey Venom GT Spyder in 2016. No big deal, right? However, Henessey doesn’t plan to lose their title lying down. They’re soon releasing a Venom F5 Roadster with 1,817 hp, and now, only time will tell which open-top vehicle is the fastest. 

The Bugatti Mistral is a sight to behold

The look of the Mistral is classic Bugatti, withan extremely low-slung, V-shaped windshield and two aerodynamic jet-engine-like side intakes. 
Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac told Motor Authority that, “With the roof removed, and a pair of large air intakes directly behind your head feeding around 70,000 liters of air through the engine every minute at full bore, driving the W-16 Mistral connects you to the intricate workings of this revolutionary powertrain like no other Bugatti to date.” Definitely sounds like a breathtaking experience, doesn’t it?
The interior will be similar to the Chiron, but with a few changes to materials, including woven leather, and many bespoke details. There are new wood and amber accents and inserts, with one bit of amber on the shifter featuring a reproduction of Rembrandt Bugatti’s sculpture of a dancing elephant inside. 

Bugatti’s future

Rimac and Bugatti are planning to move forward with electric and hybrid engines after this thrilling Mistral wind blows through. A hybrid version of the Chiron is slated for release in the coming years, which will feature a smaller engine with more focus on the electric side than the gas side of the hybrid. 
This final W-16 iteration will be incredibly rare and expensive. Only 99 Mistral units will be released, each costing around $5 million, and, unfortunately, they are all already sold. They won’t be delivered until 2024, though, so for now, we will just have to dream about a ride in this work of art. 

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