Will My Insurance Go Up if Someone Hits My Parked Car?

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The longer you drive a car, the bigger the chances of getting into an accident. When an accident happens, whose car insurance pays for the medical bills and property damage? It mainly depends on who is at fault and the state in which you live. But what happens if you aren’t even in your car when it gets hit?
A parked car accident can lead to a lot of questions. Fortunately, the answers to these questions are easily managed, because car insurance companies deal with parked car accidents and claims every day.
If your insurance company is hesitant to help you out when your car is hit while parked or is just hard to deal with, it might be time to find a new company. So, before someone hits your parked car, get the information you need to ensure a fast and easy claims process from your insurer.

What to Do if Someone Hits Your Parked Car

Let’s say the unexpected happens and someone hits your parked car. What do you do first? Start by calling the police so they can assess the scene and file an police report. Also, make sure to take plenty of photographs of the scene, including your vehicle and the vehicle that hit your car, if it is still there (more on that momentarily). All of this will eventually inform the accident report as well.
You should also call your insurance agent right away as well as the insurance company for the other driver. Most important of all, make sure to document any and all damages to your car before taking it in for repair. Once the police arrive, they will document the circumstances of the accident and file a police report.
If you are the one who hits a parked car, call the police. Also notify the driver of the car you hit, if you know who they are. In the most extreme cases, such as when the driver or the police are unavailable, make sure to leave all of your contactinformation for the owner of the vehicle so that they can contact you or your insurance provider, including your name, address, phone number, car license plate number, driver’s license number, and the name and number of your insurance company. Leave a note on the windshield if all else fails.
Under no circumstances should you leave the scene of an accident without providing your contact information. Otherwise you could face criminal charges.

If My Car Was Hit While Parked, Will My Insurance Go Up?

If someone hits your parked car, you don’t have to worry about your insurance going up. Of course, you should expect your insurance company to investigate the claim to make sure that your car was actually hit by another driver while your car was parked. Security cameras in parking lots may come in handy if you need to prove what has happened as well.
In at-fault states, the other driver’s insurance company will pay for the damages, while in no-fault states, your insurance will pay you directly. In extreme cases, if the damage is substantial enough to exceed your insurance maximums for an accident, you might have to sue the other driver in court to receive further compensation.

What Do I Do if My Parked Car Is Involved in a Hit-and-Run Accident?

With more than one hit-and-run accident occurring each minute in the U.S., according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, it is important to know what to do if hit-and-run accident happens to your vehicle.
In some cases, the other driver might even leave the scene of the accident. This is especially true for drivers who might not have insurance coverage. In this case, it’s important to follow the above steps when documenting the damage. It’s also important to call the police, who will investigate the accident and hopefully find the person responsible.
If the perpetrator is found and does not have insurance, your insurance company should cover the damages. Your insurance company will then take the person who hit your vehicle to court to recover its losses. Some insurers even offer uninsured motorist coverage for this type of situation. 

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