Why You Should Switch Your Insurance Before It Expires

You can switch your car insurance to a new company at any time. Doing so can help you find a better rate.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Updated on Apr 27, 2022
Don’t wait for your insurance policy to expire to look for savings—you can switch your car insurance to a new company at any time! Most insurers won’t charge any fees for early cancellation and they’re required to refund your unused premium.
If you’re not satisfied with the rate you’re paying for
car insurance
, you don’t need to wait until your policy’s up for renewal to switch. You can search for better rates at any time, and you won’t lose money by switching early—in fact, you could save money by moving to a new company with better rates! 
Just make sure that you switch before your old policy expires to avoid a lapse in coverage
Switching car insurance companies might sound like a daunting task, but with car insurance comparison shopping expert
it’s as easy as downloading an app and answering a few simple questions. Jerry can find you new low rates on car insurance any time, and they’ll handle all the work to switch you over before your old policy expires. 
Ready to save money with a new car insurance policy? Let’s break down the benefits of switching early. 

When is the best time to switch to a new insurance company?

There’s no wrong time to switch your car insurance. Most insurance companies won’t charge any fees for early cancellation, and they’re required to refund your unused premium—so there’s no downside to checking rates. If you find a better rate with a different company, you can switch your insurance at any time.
Even though you can switch any time, there are a few specific times when it makes sense to check for new rates: 
  • Buying a new car: Carriers calculate your insurance premium based in part on the vehicle you drive. If you’re purchasing a new car, it’s worth looking around to see if another company offers a better rate for that vehicle. 
  • Moving to a new state: Every state has its own insurance laws. The policy you had in Michigan might not be suited to North Carolina and vice versa. Any time you move to a new state, compare rates from different insurance companies to check for a lower premium available from other carriers. 
  • Adding or removing someone from your policy: The people listed on your car insurance policy are a major determinant in how much you pay, so any time that list changes it’s a good idea to shop around for new rates. 
  • Major life events: In general, any significant change in your life marks an ideal time to consider switching your car insurance. Just married? See if you and your spouse can get a lower rate from a new company. Bought a house? Look into bundling home and auto insurance with a different provider that offers steep discounts. 
  • Facing financial difficulty: Car insurance is one of the biggest regular expenses in most people’s lives. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, don’t feel trapped by your car insurance policy—you can switch at any time to a company that gives you a lower rate. 
The only time when it’s best to wait before switching is if you have a recent accident or violation on your record. Most companies wait until your policy’s renewal date to recalculate your rate, so waiting to switch could allow you to keep a lower rate for a few extra months. 
Key Takeaway: You can switch your insurance at any time, but it’s a good idea to check for new rates whenever your car ownership or living situation changes. 
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Why you should switch your insurance before it expires

No matter when you choose to switch your insurance, you need to make sure you switch before your old policy expires. Failure to switch before your renewal date could leave you with a lapse in coverage, which puts you in violation of the law and exposes you to serious legal and financial risk. 
Here are some of the potential benefits of switching your insurance before your policy expires. 

Greater savings

Switching insurance providers opens you up to financial savings in the form of new discounts and lower rates. Comparing rates before your current policy expires is a smart move that could save you hundreds of dollars a year. 

Better coverage 

When you switch insurance companies, you’ll have the opportunity to reconsider your coverage needs. If you’ve held off on buying full-coverage insurance but find a better rate at a new company, you could expand your car’s protection while saving money long-term! 

Improved customer service

Money isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to your insurance needs. Expert and responsive customer service can matter as much as savings. If you’re frustrated with the service you’re getting from your current provider, it might be time to make a change.
Key Takeaway: Switching your insurance before it expires helps you avoid a dangerous lapse in coverage, and it could save you money, too! 

How to switch your insurance before it expires

Switching your insurance can feel like a daunting process, but the steps are simple—compare rates from a few companies, check with your current carrier to make sure you won’t be charged a cancellation fee, and cancel your old policy once you’ve made the switch. 
Be sure to schedule your switch so that your new policy begins before your renewal date
The easiest way to switch your insurance before it expires is by downloading the
app. Jerry will do all the hard work of comparing rates and crunching numbers to find you the best rates available. Once you’ve chosen the quote that works for you, Jerry handles all the paperwork and will even cancel your old policy. There’s no wrong time to download and save! 
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