Where to Donate Furniture and Get It Picked Up for Free

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    There aren’t many things in life that are as satisfying as getting new furniture for your home. It’s a special and wonderful feeling when you get to bring a new couch or dining room table into your house, condo, or apartment. Suddenly everything feels newer and more fresh.
    But it goes without saying that most of the time when you get a new piece of furniture you have to get rid of an old piece of furniture as well. If you’re getting a new couch, you're probably getting rid of your old couch. Got a new desk for your home office? Well, time to say goodbye to the old desk.
    So what do you do with that old furniture? The best thing to do is donate it. But donating can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a large vehicle. You shouldn’t have to rent a truck just to donate a piece of furniture. Thankfully, you don’t have to. It’s usually easy to get a free furniture pick up for items you’re donating.

    Why should you donate old furniture?

    Let’s start with the basics. Why should you donate old furniture instead of just throwing it away? There are two main reasons.
    The first is that it can really help people out. Not everyone can afford to buy new furniture, and so they rely on used furniture from second-hand stores. By donating a couch instead of tossing it, you could be the difference between someone being able to afford a couch and not being able to. And second, it’s much more environmentally friendly to not just throw your furniture away when you’re done with it.

    Where can you get free furniture pick up?

    Thankfully, most second-hand stores will pick up items for free if it’s requested. The large-second hand stores, like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity, almost always pick up furniture that’s being donated. A lot of smaller stores do, too.
    Here’s how to go through that process.

    1. Find the nearest second-hand store

    The first thing you need to do is find a second-hand store that’s near you. If you don’t already know which store is closest, it should only take a few minutes of online research to find the nearest on. The closer a store is, the easier it is for their employees to come pick up your furniture, and the more likely they are to do it.

    2. Call them

    Most second hand stores will haul furniture for free, but not all will. So give them a call and ask whether they do donation pick ups, specifically for large items. If the closest store tells you that they don’t do furniture pick up, then simply call the next closest store, until you find a donation center that is willing to come get your furniture.
    When you find a company willing to come pick up your furniture, make sure you specify what you’re donating so you can be positive that it’s something they’ll want to take.

    3. Arrange the details

    You may need to be a little bit patient in finding the right time to have your furniture picked up. They might be able to come straight over, but more often than not they’ll need to schedule something a few days in advance. Work with the second-hand store to find a time that works with them and you to have your furniture picked up.
    And that’s it! It’s pretty simple to get your furniture picked up for free, and taken to a second-hand store.

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