What is the Responsible Payer Discount?

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Car insurance is mandatory in nearly every state, but — depending on your profile — coverage can definitely get expensive. When there are discounts available to reduce your insurance expenses, why not take advantage of them? After all — lower rates means more money in your pocket.
One of those possible cost reductions for drivers is a discount that comes when you’re paying on time. Allstate Auto Insurance calls this the Responsible Payer Discount. If you’ve been looking into Allstate, you might be wondering — what is this discount and do I qualify for it?
Also known as a Good Payer Discount by other auto insurance companies, this is a discount offered by car insurance companies which gives you money off your car insurance simply by paying on time. Whether you decide to may your premiums monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, you can save money on car insurance just by avoiding cancellation notice for not paying your premiums within the past 12 months.
If you’re an Allstate home insurance customer, you could also receive a discount for paying on time. The Responsible Payment Discount on homeowners insurance works in much the same way. If you have home insurance with another company, check in with them to see if they carry a similar discount that you might qualify for.

How Much is the Responsible Payer Discount?

For car insurance, you can save 5% annually by receiving the Responsible Payer Discount. On its own, it doesn’t seem like very much that you save, but it adds up when you combine it with other discounts like a 10% FullPay discount, a 10% early signing discount, and bundled insurance discounts.
For homeowners insurance, your discount for responsible payment varies depending on your property and profile.

How Do I Qualify for Responsible Payer Discount?

The criteria to qualify for a responsible payer discount are extremely easy — you automatically start with it! Instead, it’s a discount that you can lose if you don’t make your payments on time. You’ll lose the discount once you receive a notice of cancellation due to non-payment, so it’s all the more important to ensure you pay on time.

If You’ve Lost Your Discount

If you’ve lost your Responsible Payer Discount for home or auto insurance, it isn’t necessarily gone for good. You can get it back by maintaining a full 12-month period of on-time payments without receiving a cancellation notice.

Other Ways to Save with Allstate and Other Insurance Companies

For both homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies, there are multiple ways you can trim down your premiums through valuable discounts. If you’re buying insurance, ask your agent about these possible discounts.
Homeowners insurance discounts include:
  • Up to 25% savings when you bundle home and auto policies
  • Up to 20% off for maintaining a claims-free status
  • A discount for switching from a competitor
  • Savings for buying a home recently or purchasing a new home
  • Early signing discounts
  • Up to 5% off for signing up for automatic payments
  • Savings for having fire and theft protection devices in your home
Auto insurance discounts through Allstate (and other carriers) include:
  • Savings for owning a car less than two years old (this is also called a new car discount)
  • Discounts for an anti-theft device
  • Multiple auto insurance policies
  • Safe driving discounts
  • Smart student discounts (also known as a good student discount)

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