What Is CSAA Insurance?

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If you’re in the market for car insurance, you’ve likely come across the names of dozens of different auto insurance companies. One name you might have noticed is CSAA, which is a very common car insurer in some parts of the country.
You may not recognize the name from TV commercials with celebrities, but CSAA is a well-respected and high-quality car insurance provider. So what exactly is CSAA, and where do they cover? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this car insurance company.

What Is CSAA Insurance?

You can probably guess that CSAA is an acronym. It stands for California State Automobile Association. However, after more than 100 years as CSAA, the company changed its name to another acronym in 2011: AAA NCNU, which stands for American Automobile Association Northern California, Nevada, and Utah. Two years later, the CSAA Insurance Group separated from AAA NCNU, and branched out, while still working with AAA NCNU to provide coverage.
CSAA Insurance Group is a motor club that belongs to AAA, one of the most popular car insurance companies in the country. They operate under the AAA umbrella, like the many other AAA motor clubs across the country. However, CSAA Insurance Group is one of the largest of AAA’s many motor clubs, and serves a very large population of drivers across the country.

Where Does CSAA Cover?

The CSAA Insurance Group works with AAA NCNU to cover Northern California, Nevada, and Utah. However, CSAA also covers other regions in the country, as they acquired AAA Mid-Atlantic, and AAA Shelby in recent years. In all, the CSAA Insurance Group offers car insurance in 23 states plus Washington, D.C.
However, while CSAA only covers about half of the country, you can get AAA insurance anywhere in America. You just might have to go to a different AAA motor club.

How Is CSAA Ranked?

AAA is one of the most popular can insurance companies in the country, and always earns top marks from consumers. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the CSAA Insurance Group is also well-respected by its customers.
J.D. Power’s Customer Satisfaction Index gave the CSAA Insurance Group a score of 810 out of 1,000 in 2020, and the company consistently receives a low number of complaints from customers.

How to Contact CSAA Insurance Group

If you’re interested in receiving car insurance from the CSAA Insurance Group, you can easily contact the company through multiple means.
You can call the company at 800-922-8228, or you can visit one of their many offices: Glendale, Arizona; Walnut Creek, California (corporate headquarters); Colorado Springs, Colorado; Wilmington, Delaware; Las Vegas, Nevada; Mt. Laurel, New Jersey; Hamilton, New Jersey; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
You can also visit the website for more information and contact details.
The CSAA Insurance Group is one of the more trusted car insurers around, and serves a large part of the country. Under the umbrella of the always -popular AAA, they might be the right car insurance company for you.

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