What Is an FS-1 Form?

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If you live in North Carolina and own or lease a car, then you’ve probably heard of an FS-1 form.
Even if you don’t live in North Carolina, you’ve probably heard of this type of form, though don’t worry: It doesn’t impact you unless you’re planning on moving to North Carolina sometime soon.
An FS-1 form sounds a little bit daunting, but it’s not. It’s straightforward and incredibly simple. So what exactly is it, who needs it, and when do they need it? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this simple form.
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What is an FS-1 form?

An FS-1 form is a document that only exists for drivers located in North Carolina. It’s a document that shows that you have insurance on your car. Any company that provides car insurance in the state of North Carolina will issue an FS-1 form to its customers.
In order to get an FS-1 form, you need to purchase the minimum amount of car insurance coverage that is mandated by the state of North Carolina. As of 2020, that minimum is $25,000 in property damage, $30,000 in bodily injury per person, and $60,000 in bodily injury per car. As long as you’re covered with at least that much protection, you will receive an FS-1 form.
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When do you need an FS-1 form?

In North Carolina, there are two ways to prove that your car is sufficiently insured. You can either use an FS-1 form, or you can self-certify. In order to self-certify, you need to provide the name of your insurance provider, your policy number, and often the phone number for the insurer. Needless to say, the FS-1 form is a bit more convenient.
You’ll need either an FS-1 form or to self-certify anytime it’s necessary to provide proof of insurance. Most notably, you’ll need proof of auto insurance coverage when you want to register your car, when you’re pulled over by the police or highway patrol, or when you’re involved in an accident.
You don’t technically need an FS-1 form during these times, because self-certification is sufficient, but an FS-1 form is certainly easier and more convenient for all parties.

Who needs an FS-1 form?

Anyone who lives in North Carolina and owns or leases a car needs an FS-1 form, because an FS-1 form provides proof that your car is sufficiently and legally insured. While you don’t need to have an FS-1 form on you when you’re driving, as long as you have the proper self-certify information, anyone who is properly insured will receive an FS-1 form from their insurer.
If you don’t receive such a form, make sure you’re properly insured and contact your car insurance company for a copy.
An FS-1 form is really just a simple proof of car insurance document that’s particular to North Carolina. If you’re a North Carolina resident with a car, you can use this form to prove that your car is properly insured.


Why don’t other states have an FS-1 form?

Every state has the equivalent of an FS-1 form, it just doesn’t have the same name as in North Carolina. In most states it’s simply called a certificate of insurance. There’s not really anything special about an FS-1 form, other than the name.

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