What Does GT Mean?

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GT comes from the Italian gran turismo which translates to grand touring. In other words, it’s the sport edition offered by a car company, a notion created by Italian sports car manufacturers like Alfa Romeo and Lancia.
Some GTs—like Dodge and Toyota—look and drive similarly to a road race car. For other makes, GT simply means a sportier trim (think racing stripes and a spoiler). 
Most GTs have a coupe body style and a reputation for speed because of their large engines. 
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What is Grand Touring?

The GT’s combination of engine power and a comfortable interior was intended for weekend getaway road trips—taken in style. 
GT’s sleek yet durable exterior is meant to handle various types of terrain, like the winding roads of the Italian Riviera. The interior mimics that of a luxury sedan, making it an appealing (if not romantic) place for both driver and passenger to sit for hours at a time. 
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What makes a GT different from other cars?

When it comes to sports vehicles or coupe styles, the choices seem endless—but not every sports car or coupe is classified as a GT. 
A V-8 or V-6 cylinder engine is the golden standard for both GTs and sports cars, though a sports car focuses solely on performance. While the majority of GTs are 2-door cars, there are many coupes on the market that have a smaller, V-4 engine and cannot match the GT’s engine capabilities.
Key Takeaway GTs provide a unique blend of sporty speed with a comfortable and elegant interior.

How to know if a GT is right for you

Size-wise, the GT is best suited for two passengers in the front. There is a backseat, but it is much smaller than that of a traditional sedan (read squished legs and/or cramped car seats)—so it’s probably not the right choice for a family vehicle. 
GTs handle well and pick up a lot of speed, which may be a more appropriate choice for a driver with at least a few years of experience on the road rather than a sweet 16 offering
With that in mind, certain models of GTs can be very expensive to insure as they are considered luxury sports cars. A good example is the Nissan GT-R, which was voted one of the most expensive cars to insure in recent years. 
Key Takeaway GTs offer an exciting driving experience, but their lack of backseat space makes them an impractical choice for a family car.

A (very) brief history of GT cars

What was the first GT car?

Originating in Italy, the first GT was the 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750. Within the first two years since its inception, the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 won every official race it entered
Later Italian models, like the 1951 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT truly embodied the smooth ride and classic glamour that is the GT’s legacy. Its small backseat was intended to hold luggage rather than additional passengers. 
The concept gained widespread traction in the automotive world and today, GTs are produced by leading car manufacturers throughout Europe, the US, and Asia. One of the most popular models is the American Dodge Charger. 
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Often considered the first American GT car, the Ford Mustang GT came on the scene in 1965. It has a V-8 engine, signature racing-style side stripes, and dual exhausts. Still being made today, the starting price for a 2021 Ford Mustang GT is $36,285.
Not just for weekend jaunts, GTs are still manufactured for modern-day races such as the annual Pirelli World Challenge in North America. The Toyota 2000GT is a popular car for these traditional road races. 
As for GT Toyotas intended for everyday use, there is the Toyota GT 86. This model stopped being produced in early 2021 and has been replaced by the similar GR 86.

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