What Are the Advantages of a Pod vs. a Moving Truck?

Moving and planning to move your stuff? Knowing the advantages of a POD vs. moving truck can help you decide how you want to transport your items.
Written by Rochelle Miller-Hernandez
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
PODS and moving trucks are both great options for moving, though you may find that one is better suited for your preferences than the other.
You may appreciate the flexibility that using PODS can offer, or you might prefer saving money with a
cheap moving truck company
Moving is stressful for a lot of people. The thought of packing all your belongings and having to transport them to their new home can cause a strain on your mental well-being and your wallet, especially if you're
moving out of state
To help alleviate some of the hassle, first determine how you want to move your stuff. This is when it helps to familiarize yourself with a POD versus a moving truck, as well as their differences and relative pros and cons. Read on to find out more.

What is a POD?

Basically, a
POD is a shipping container
. A company brings the container to your home, so you can fill it up yourself and on your own schedule. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a POD.

Advantages of using a POD

Convenience and flexibility: Using a POD gives you the flexibility to load and unload your stuff at your convenience. All the container company needs to do is pick up the container and move it when it is ready. Because a POD can stay on your property for a longer period of time, you have time to load it at your own pace. You also have the convenience of accessing your items on your property when needed.
Storage: If there's time between packing and when you can move into your new place, a container company offers you the convenience of storing your POD while you wait. Because containers can be stacked in a centralized location, it's a fairly easy process. They have more leeway in the amount of time they can store your containers as well.

Disadvantages of a POD

Access: While access is a convenience when you're packing, it's an advantage that quickly disappears after they pick up your container. Until it is transported to its final destination, you will unlikely be unable to get to your stuff.
Expense: Although you think it would be cheaper to rent a container, the opposite is usually the truth. Convenience is an expensive commodity. Also, renting a POD involves more than the use of a container. It also includes storage and transport. The container company takes on the liability of driving your belongings to their new home.

What is a moving truck?

A moving truck is a vehicle designed to have goods loaded into it and transported to a specific location. You can
hire a moving company
to pack and move your stuff in their truck or you can rent your own and
drive it yourself
Like a POD, a moving truck has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of using a moving truck

Availability and sizes: Whether renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company, there's plenty of availability. There is a long list of truck rental locations and moving companies throughout the U.S. Besides it being easy to find a truck, they also come in a wide variety of sizes. This provides you with more choices when it comes to determining which is best for you.
It helps to know how to best
pack a moving truck
to fit as much as you can.
Hire or DIY: Having options gives you more control over whether you want to hire a professional moving company or do it yourself. Even if you decide to rent a truck, you can still hire people to help you to pack, load, and unload your stuff. Better yet, solicit some of your friends to give you a hand.
Cost and accessibility: If you rent a moving truck, handle most of the heavy lifting and do the driving, you will definitely save money over using a container company. You will have control of your belongings throughout your move, giving you full access.

Disadvantages of a moving truck

Time restrictions: When renting a container, you have the convenience of packing on your schedule and at your pace. When renting a moving truck, you only lease it for a short period of time or costs start to add up. If you're using a moving company, you have to coordinate with their schedule for load and unload dates.
Other costs: Although the initial cost of renting a POD may seem higher, you need to take into account all the costs associated with a moving truck. No matter how far the move is, you will have to purchase gas. There is also the matter of your time, which is valuable. If the drive requires an overnight stay or two at a hotel (
let alone a cross-country move
), as well as meals, the costs can start adding up fairly quickly.

PODS vs moving trucks: Which is right for you?

There's a lot to keep in mind when considering the differences between a POD and a moving truck. They both have advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, they both have the same goal of getting your stuff where you need it to be.
Consider your personal needs when choosing between using a POD or a moving truck. If you're traveling a long distance when moving or you need more time to move, you may consider a POD. However, a moving truck may be the right choice if you want to save some money or have more raw storage space.
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