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If you’re moving to Wyoming or transferring ownership of your car to someone else in the state, you’ll need to complete a title transfer. This must be done at your local county clerk’s office and costs a small fee that varies by county. 
Your vehicle’s title indicates ownership, while registration indicates that you’re legally able to drive the car in your state. Keeping both of these up to date and compliant with state law usually requires a visit to a local government office and some paperwork, but it’s never too difficult. 
Here, the car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry is breaking down everything you need to know about Wyoming title transfers.

What is a title transfer?

Your car’s title is a document showing its ownership. When you transfer your car’s title, you are officially transferring its ownership to another person. 
The seller and the buyer usually each complete a portion of the title transfer. First, the seller signs the title to relinquish ownership of the car. Then, the buyer takes the signed title to the DMV and receives a new title and registration from the state.
Depending on your state’s laws, you may be responsible for filling out additional paperwork or providing basic vehicle information such as an odometer reading. 

Who does the title transfer?

The responsibility for the title transfer depends on whether you’re buying (or selling) a vehicle privately or from a dealership. 
If you’re buying a car from a dealer, the dealership usually handles the bulk of the title transfer process, including mailing paperwork to the DMV. 
If you’re engaging in a private sale, however, the buyer and seller will complete the transfer themselves. 

Reasons for a title transfer

Two of the most common reasons for completing a title transfer are a change of residency or a change of car ownership. There are a variety of other reasons for a title change, including:
  • Donating or gifting a car
  • Inheriting a car from a relative
  • Paying off a car loan (to release the lienholder from the title)
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Car title transfer in Wyoming

Wyoming title transfers must take place at your local county clerk’s office. Try to complete a title transfer as soon as possible after the change in ownership or your move (if you’re coming from out of state). 
Here’s what you’ll need to provide at the county clerk’s:
  • Your out of state title and a completed application for Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection form (MV-300A)
    • If you haven’t undergone a VIN inspection, law enforcement or the county clerk can do one for $10 
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of Wyoming residency
  • Lienholder information or proof of lien release, if applicable
  • Payment for your WY titling fees (fees vary by county) 
Key Takeaway New Wyoming residents must complete a title transfer at the county clerk’s office. Fees vary between counties. 

Registering a car in Wyoming 

The next step after transferring your title is completing a vehicle registration. While a title legally signifies that you own the car, registration shows you’re legally entitled to drive it on Wyoming’s roads. 
In Wyoming, the base registration fee is $30. If you drive an electric vehicle (EV), be prepared to pay an additional $50. 
As with title transfer fees, total registration fees in Wyoming vary depending on your county. Registration must be renewed annually.

Finding insurance for your vehicle

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A title transfer is more challenging if the vehicle is still being financed. Call your lender to ask if they have stipulations about selling a car while the loan is still outstanding.
The title will have a line that says “seller’s signature.” If two people are on the title, then both will need to sign on the same line. There is a separate line for the buyer’s signature.

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