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In order to transfer ownership of a car in Arizona, you will need to complete a title transfer either online or in-person at a local Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office.
When you buy or sell a vehicle, the sale won’t be official until you transfer the title to the new owner. This usually requires some paperwork and fees, as well as a visit to the MVD office or their website.
Although much of this process can be done online, it can still be confusing. That’s why the car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know about title transfers in Arizona. 

What is a title transfer?

Transferring a title is the process of legally transferring ownership of a vehicle from one person to another. 
There are two steps to this process:
  • The seller signs the title in order to release ownership of the vehicle
  • The buyer takes the signed title to the MVD in order to obtain a new title and registration
Each state has different rules and requirements for this. For example, you may need to record the current mileage on the odometer or fill out a bill of sale before transferring the title.

Who does the title transfer?

If you’re buying a new or used car from a dealership, the dealer will complete the title transfer on your behalf.
For private sales, the seller and the buyer will complete the title transfer on their own.

Reasons for a title transfer

You need to complete a title transfer in Arizona if you are buying or selling a car or moving to Arizona from another state.
Some other common reasons for a title transfer include:
  • Giving a vehicle to a relative as a gift
  • Donating a vehicle
  • Inheriting a vehicle
  • Paying off an auto loan

Car title transfer in Arizona

When you buy a car in Arizona, you have 15 days to complete a title transfer. You can do this online through the MVD’s eTitle Transfer site or in-person at an MVD office
You will need the following documents:
  • Your signed and notarized title
  • A completed Title and Registration Application
  • Applicable fees
  • Lien release (when necessary)
There is a $4 title transfer fee in Arizona.
Title information is now stored electronically in Arizona, so you won’t receive a paper title automatically. You can still request one online if you’d like.
If you are moving to Arizona from another state, you will need to title and register your vehicle immediately. In order to do so, you will need the pay any applicable fees and provide the following documents:
  • Out-of-state title
  • Out-of-state registration (if the title is unavailable)
  • Out-of-state license plates
  • Title and Registration Application
  • Emissions compliance form (for Phoenix and Tucson residents)
  • Level I vehicle inspection (when necessary)
  • Lien clearance (when necessary)

Registering a car in Arizona

In addition to transferring the title, you will need to register your vehicle in Arizona in order to legally drive. 
Along with the $4 title fee listed above, you will need to pay the following registration fees:
Registration fee$8
Air Quality Research Fee$1.50
Vehicle License Tax (VLT) for traditional vehicles60% of the MSRP (minus 16.25% for each year of registration)
Vehicle License Tax (VLT) for alternative-fueled vehicles (hybrids, electric cars, etc.)4% of the MSRP
Registration must be renewed every year in Arizona, although certain vehicle owners qualify to register every two or five years, instead.

Finding insurance for your vehicle

Along with getting your title transfer and registration all squared away, you will need to get car insurance before you can legally hit the road in Arizona.
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You’ll need to talk to your lender before initiating a title transfer. They can help you navigate the selling and title transfer process.
There is a line for the seller’s signature and another line for the buyer’s signature on your Arizona title.

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