Tips for Driving Again After an Accident

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If you’re scared to drive after a car accident, you’re not alone. Taking a defensive driving course, participating in a support group or therapy, and driving with a buddy can help you become more comfortable behind the wheel.
You’ve just had a fender-bender and now can’t even drive to work without breaking out in a sweat. As if that’s not enough to make you nervous, an accident can negatively impact your car insurance rates
To help you through this tricky time, the car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry has compiled some tips that can help you feel more secure while you’re on the road. 

How to feel comfortable driving again after an accident

Start with easy drives

Like any recovery process, take your time getting back to a normal routine. If you’re seeing a therapist or support group, work with them on a plan that is right for you.
Generally speaking, starting with short trips around your neighborhood can ease you back into things. As you regain your confidence, try longer drives—like to a local mall or restaurant. Only once you’re feeling comfortable again should you tackle the highway.

Take a defensive driving course

If you’re feeling insecure about your driving skills—especially if the accident was determined to be your fault)—brushing up on the rules of the road can help improve your confidence. Being back behind the wheel in a secure environment can also help decrease anxiety.
You can find state-approved defensive driving courses through your local DMV. Many offer online portions, too, so you can start at home before getting into the car to work on practical driving skills.
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Drive with a buddy

Sometimes, having someone there with you is all you need. Grab a friend or family member to ride alone. They’ll give you great moral support—plus they’ll be able to take over if fear gets the best of you. 

Work with a therapist

If you’re experiencing overwhelming anxiety or vehophobia, a good therapist can help you deal with it. Find one that specializes in anxiety or PTSD—or even a generalist who can help with coping mechanisms.
Many therapists offer free consults, so you can explain your situation and make sure you’re working with the right one for you.

Seek out a support group

Whether you’d rather be in a group setting or don’t have the funds for private therapy, support groups could be a good option. There are support groups specifically for vehophobia and PTSD—and they’re generally free. 
To find a support group in your area, do a quick Google search. You’ll likely find both online and in-person options. 

Ask your doctor about medication

In conjunction with therapy, anti-anxiety medication can temper the highs and lows of anxiety while you recover. 
Be sure to ask your doctor whether the medication they prescribe will make you drowsy. If so, ask for something else that is safe to take before you hit the road.

Don’t bottle up your anxiety

Talking to friends, family, or significant others about your feelings can help ease anxiety. But make it a productive conversation—focus on your survival and solutions for moving forward.

How an accident affects your car insurance

There’s no pretty way to say it: on average, your insurance premium will increase by about 34% after an at-fault accident. It could go as high as 80% in extreme cases. 
This is because after a claim, insurance companies consider you at higher risk to submit another one. To account for this increased risk, they hike your premiums—often for about three years.

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One study found that 25% to 33% of people experience acute anxiety immediately following a car accident. Within a month, these normal reactions will usually start to subside.
Yes. If you’re experiencing vehophobia (feeling scared to drive after a car accident) it can feel like you’re alone. But thousands of Americans experience the same thing and it’s quite common to feel anxiety when getting back into the driver’s seat.

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