The Ultimate List of Home Insurance Companies

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According to the Census Bureau, more than 128 million homes are located in the US in 2019. Protecting an important investment, like a house, can save you lots of time and money. Not to mention that homeowners are usually required by lenders to purchase home insurance to protect the lender’s investment in the property if damage from a fire or other peril to the structure should occur. But how do you find the best home insurance company for your needs?
In this article, we’ll cover what you should look for when choosing a home insurance company and provide a list of some of the most popular home insurance carriers in the U.S.

What to Look for in a Home Insurance Company

Once you decide to buy a home, you need to find the best home insurance to cover it. This coverage needs to go into effect as soon as you take ownership of your property, so you need to have a policy ready before closing on the house. This ensures that your home is protected from loss from the start, just in case something unforeseen happens.
To find affordable home insurance, use the following steps.
Step 1: Coverage amount. First, determine how much coverage you need. You need to get enough coverage to repair or rebuild the home.
Step 2: Optional coverage. Decide on if you need optional coverage, such as flood, hurricane, or earthquake insurance.
In some areas, such as the West Coast, or in hurricane prone areas, lenders require you to purchase the appropriate optional insurance to cover any perils not covered in your main policy.
Step 3: Get quotes. Start your search by getting quotes from a variety of companies in your area. Enter the required information in the quote form, including:
  • Your current address
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your phone number, preferably a cell phone
  • Your email address
  • When you want the home insurance policy to begin
  • When you purchased the home
  • Your previous addresses
  • What you plan on doing with the home, live in it or rent it out
  • How many you expect to live in the home
  • Whether you own pets
  • The year the home was built
  • The square footage of the home
  • If the home will be multi- or single-family
  • The style of the home
  • The type of foundation
  • The type of roof
  • When a roof was last installed
Step 4: Check out companies. When choosing a home insurance company, you need to make sure they are financially stable and have great customer service.
To determine how financially stable a company is, check out the company at the following sites:
To check out complaints about the company, visit your state’s Department of Insurance (DOI) Website.
Step 5: Choose a company. Last of all, choose a company based on the quotes you received.
Make sure to get the coverage you want for a price you can afford.
You can easily find the right homeowners insurance by performing a search online. You should compare quotes from a variety of different companies in your area and choose a company that has a good combination of financial stability, customer satisfaction, and affordable rates. can help you compare several home insurance carriers to find the rate that’s right for you.

List of Home Insurance Companies in the United States

Looking for the right home insurance carrier? Try talking to your lender, asking friends and family, and by searching online. The following section lists a wide variety of popular home insurance companies across the United States.
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