The Top-Rated Car Insurance Companies of 2020

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Whether you’re buying groceries, a new car, or a house, you want to find one of the best products, preferably at a reasonable price. It’s no different with car insurance. Thankfully there are a significant number of auto insurance companies to choose from, which does two good things for consumers. First, it creates some competition in the market, which forces companies to offer more, and give you a better price. And second, it increases the odds of finding the perfect insurer for your specific needs.
When it comes to picking the right insurer, there are many good options. By looking at J.D. Power’s Customer Satisfaction Index, we can narrow down the list to the best-rated automobile insurance companies available. Read on to see who they are and why they score well with consumers.
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Part of the allure of Amica is the perks that come standard with their car insurance, such as free air bag replacement, free lock replacement if your keys are stolen, and free repair of all car glass. You even get $1,000 in bail bonds if needed.
Like most car insurance companies, Amica lets you add other perks to your plan, and they’ve got some good ones at very good prices, such as accident forgiveness and a disappearing deductible. They also offer a lot of good incentives, such as lowered prices for loyal customers, legacy rates, and rewards for setting up autopay.


Erie has some unique features that customers love, such as the Auto Plus package, which only costs a few dollars a month and gives you perks such as 10 additional days of rental car coverage, a diminished deductible, and higher limits.
They also offer rate lock, which allows you to keep a rate until any of your information changes.


You probably know GEICO mostly from the catchy ads where they promise savings in 15 minutes, but they really are a good car insurance company. GEICO has a ton of discounts built in, so you can probably find a way to get a reduced rate, whether you’re a student, a military member, or belong to any number of groups or associations.

State Farm

Another giant car insurance company that you’ve probably seen commercials for is State Farm, which has some of the top consumer satisfaction rankings year in and year out. State Farm is the largest personal car insurer in the country, and there’s a reason for that. They have competitive rates, strong customer service, and offer some of the best perks in the industry for rental and travel coverage, as well as a plethora of driver discounts.


Progressive receives fewer complaints from customers than would be expected of such a large insurer. Much of that is due to how easy Progressive makes things for their customers, through intuitive and easily accessible tools like a state-of-the-art smartphone app.


Nationwide offers a host of perks, from gap coverage to accident forgiveness, and they have rates to match their catchy jingles. They also have SmartRide, a device that you can attach to your car’s diagnostic port, which then takes information from how you drive and sends it to the company. The safer you drive, the lower your rates.

Auto Club of Southern California (AAA)

Despite what the name might suggest, you can get coverage from the AAA-affiliated Auto Club of Southern California in far more than just California. The insurer is best known for having some of the best roadside assistance in the business, and a huge amount of options and discounts so customers can get exactly what they’re looking for.

Country Financial

Country Financial isn’t available for everyone, as it’s only sold to drivers in 19 states across the Midwest. Drivers in those states are quite happy to have it available, though, as it has some of the best customer satisfaction rates of any car insurance company. Country offers a lot of perks and incentives, and even a safe driving course for teenage drivers, with drivers getting a discount if they complete the course.


The good news about NJM is that it’s consistently graded as one of, if not the top car insurance company in America. The bad news is that it’s currently only available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. NJM has great rates and customer service, and some of the best perks in the business, from rideshare coverage to transportation reimbursement.


Like NJM, USAA is consistently ranked as one of the best car insurance companies around, but it isn’t available to everyone. USAA is only for active military, veterans, and their family members. If you fall into one of those categories, you’re eligible to get insurance from a company that has some of the best discounts.
You can’t go wrong with any of these car insurance companies. Each one offers a great combination of products, service, and price.

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