The Most Unusual Driving Laws in the U.S.

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Most of the time, driving seems like a pretty straightforward task. You get in the car, you drive from Point A to Point B, and then you get out. And, for the most part, driving laws reflect this. Most driving laws in the United States are straightforward, understandable, and plain common sense: don’t drive too fast, don’t drive while drunk, drive safely, and turn on your lights at night.
However, there are some driving laws that are downright bizarre and hard to believe. Many of these laws aren’t actually enforced, and others very likely would be enforced in other states, because they’d qualify for some violation of some sort. But they’re amusing to look at, and, at times helpful if you want to avoid getting a very strange ticket. Here are some of the weirder driving laws in the U.S.

Common sense laws that are spelled out in certain states

There are a few driving laws that are simply common sense. You’d (hopefully) never violate these laws, and even if the law didn’t exist, you’d still get in trouble. For instance, in Colorado, it’s illegal to throw missiles at cars. Now, you’d get arrested very quickly for throwing missiles at cars in all 50 states, but Colorado feels the need to actually put it in writing.
In Oklahoma, you’re not allowed to read comic books (yes, comic books, specifically) while you’re driving. In Connecticut, it is illegal to hunt from the highway, and in Montana, you cannot drive an animal onto train tracks with the goal of damaging an oncoming train.

Wild and crazy laws that you are highly unlikely to ever violate

Some driving laws forbid you from doing things that you probably never even thought about doing. It’s unlikely that you’ve ever considered driving with a gorilla, or an uncaged bear, but in Massachusetts and Missouri, respectively, those things are specifically banned.
In Alabama, you cannot impersonate a clergy member while driving, and in Alaska it’s illegal to tie your dog to the roof of your car. And in Idaho, you can’t drive your motorcycle onto a tennis court!
In Nebraska, you must drive on the right edge of the highway when driving alongside mountains. This may not seem bizarre, but there are no mountains in Nebraska!

Silly laws that are unlikely to actually be enforced

There are a few bizarre laws that are unlikely to be enforced by police. Many of these laws exist simply because it hasn’t been worth the time, effort, and money to repeal them, but they’re not really taken seriously.
In New Mexico, for instance, women are not allowed to pump their own gas. In Utah, drivers don’t have the right of way – birds do. And in Maryland, you can’t swear while driving on the highway!

Odd laws that you can benefit from

There are a few unique laws that some residents may be able to take advantage of. Are you a meat eater who hates food waste? Well, if you live in West Virginia, you can legally take home roadkill and eat it. Young drivers are fans of Wyoming, where you’re eligible to get your driver’s license when you’re only 14 years old. And just in case it’s your thing, you can ride a camel on the highway, as long as you live in Nevada.
Some of these laws are silly, some funny, some helpful, and some downright confusing. But one thing’s for sure: the United States sure has some unusual driving laws.

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