The Consequences of Using Fake Insurance Cards

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If you think you can get away scot-free by using a fake insurance card, think again. Doing so is illegal and you can face fines, have your license suspended, or even be arrested. 
Buying car insurance is one of the more expensive parts of owning a car. But skipping out on coverage and using fake proof of insurance is never a good idea. In addition to the legal consequences, you will be held financially liable if you cause an accident and could find yourself in a precarious position. 
Here, the car insurance comparison and broker app Jerry is diving into everything you need to know about the perils of using a fake insurance card. So if you need more convincing, keep reading!
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Using a fake insurance card is illegal

Using a fake insurance card is fraud. Get the real deal, because proof of insurance is required in nearly every state.
With today’s technology, creating—or being duped by—real-looking insurance cards with templates found on the internet is easier than it should be. Even savvy consumers can be tricked into thinking they’ve found a legitimate insurer, only to find out later they made a big mistake.
Even if you’re caught with a fake insurance card that you thought was real, you could get in trouble. Law enforcement may not look kindly on you, even if you were legitimately fooled.
And if the idea of saving some money initially by using a fake card is even a tiny bit appealing, trust us—the long arm of the law is very long, and those savings will be wiped out when the authorities figure out what’s what.

You’ll get fined 

So what will happen if you’re caught with a fake insurance card? To start, you’ll face fines of varying severity depending on where you’re caught.
If your insurance has lapsed, you may get a light fine or slap on the wrist for a first offense. However, many states are upping fines across the board because of the rise in uninsured drivers and a corresponding increase in accident costs.
When uninsured drivers with fake insurance cards cause accidents, others end up covering medical bills and property damage that would have been paid for by the at-fault driver’s liability insurance. To compensate, insurance companies often end up charging policyholders more by insisting they purchase uninsured/underinsured insurance.

Your license can be suspended

If you’re pulled over and caught with a fake insurance card, the police can suspend your license until you prove that you meet minimum insurance laws in your state.
A license suspension can make it even more difficult to get insurance, as you’ll be seen as high risk by insurers. Other traffic citations that aren’t as serious will be taken into account, too, which makes securing coverage an expensive task.
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You can be arrested

If you’re caught multiple times with fake insurance, police may arrest you.
The ‘ol excuse of “I can’t afford it” won’t fly with the police—especially if you’ve been caught more than once trying to pass off a fake insurance card as the real deal. After an arrest for a fraudulent insurance card, you may also face:
  • License suspension
  • Increased penalties or fines
  • Driver’s education courses

The DMV will find you

Those hapless, incompetent DMV employees we’re so accustomed to laughing at in the movies? Not real life—the DMV is operated by people who know what they’re doing and how to find uninsured drivers.
Insurance providers are legally bound to tell the DMV when a driver’s insurance has lapsed. So if you think the DMV will just assume you found another provider and be none the wiser, you’re wrong. The DMV knows everything there is to know about driving and drivers and they won’t be fooled.
Also, the police can run your license plate and easily tell if you’re insured or not—so don’t be fooled into thinking you can slip a fake insurance card by them, either.

Going without coverage is not worth it

Any money you save by using a fake insurance card will go out the window if you get into an accident. Even a minor accident requires you to exchange insurance information with the other party—and you won’t be able to submit a claim to a non-existent insurance company.
If the accident is serious and you’re found to be at fault, you’ll be in even bigger trouble. Medical bills can rise quickly and property damage can be expensive, too. If you don’t have insurance to cover your expenses, you’ll have to pay those costs out of pocket.
Ask yourself—if you were involved in an at-fault accident and carried only a fake insurance card, would you have access to $30,000? $60,000? $90,000? What if the medical bills you have to pay are even higher?

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