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Shopping for car insurance isn’t the most fun or glamourous task in the world. It can feel hard and boring, and often a bit stressful.
One of the things that most contributes to the pain of car insurance shopping is the fear that you’re not going to find the best rate. With so many car insurance companies on the market, it can feel daunting making a selection, and it’s easy to get scared that you’re missing something.
Perhaps the best thing you can do to quell this fear is get free car insurance quotes. Getting free quotes is easy, and allows you to figure out roughly how much money you’ll have to pay for car insurance and who can offer you the best rate for your situation. It’s a win-win.
So, how does one go about getting free car insurance quotes? Don’t worry: It’s simple.

What is a car insurance quote?

Let’s start with the basics: What is a car insurance quote?
A car insurance quote is a cost estimate from an insurance company. It’s essentially a company telling you roughly how much money it will cost for you to get a policy with them. There’s nothing legally binding about a quote, so the company isn’t obligated to actually offer you a policy at that price, and you’re not obligated to accept it. But it’s usually a fairly accurate estimate that at least lets you know who has the best rates for you.
Car insurance quotes should always be free. Here’s how to find them.

Get a car insurance quote online

Just about every car insurance company around has an option for you to get a policy quote online. If you go to the company’s website, it will usually be the first thing you see, either at the top of the page or as a pop up.
Getting quotes directly from a company’s website offers a lot of benefits. It’s remarkably easy to do, and can be done from your phone or computer. The entire process takes less than a minute, and because it’s all on your computer it’s very easy to compare quotes from various companies.
The biggest downside to this method is that online quotes directly from companies aren’t always as accurate as other approaches. Car insurance companies want the quote process to be easy and painless on your end, which often means that they ask a limited amount of questions. The fewer the questions, the less likely the quote is to be accurate.

Call companies directly

Another great way to get a car insurance quote is to call a car insurance company. This isn’t as easy as the online method, as you have to interact with someone and it will take longer.
However, it’s a much more personable process that often yields more accurate results. Because you’ll actually be talking to an agent, you can ask any questions you have. That not only increases the accuracy of the quote but can help put you at ease about the whole situation.
When you call a company you can tell them more information than is usually included in an online quote, and you’ll usually end up with a quote that’s very close to what you’ll actually be offered. This is a great method if you like doing thorough market research to find a reliable car insurance company, if you already have an idea as to what company you would like to be insured by, or if you have questions.

Have someone get car insurance quotes for you

A lot of people like to handle the car insurance quote process on their own, and that’s very understandable. However, if you want to put that stress on someone else, that’s where a company like comes in. (Hi, that’s us!)
The benefit of using a company like is that you only have to handle the process of getting a quote once, but you’ll get quotes from numerous companies. Unlike with the other methods, you don’t have to punch in your information to each individual company, but rather just to one. It streamlines things, which makes the process quicker and easier.
Buying car insurance doesn’t have to be a hassle. It starts with getting an insurance quote, which is free and easy.

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