The Best Type of Car Insurance for Drivers with Disabilities

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Having a disability used to severely impact a person’s ability to qualify for car insurance or pay reasonable rates. Today, insurance providers cannot discriminate against a person because of their disability due to the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Currently, differently abled persons are provided with the same options for affordable, quality car insurance as other types of drivers.
Read this guide on car insurance for disabled drivers to learn more about those options.
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What is disability car insurance?

There is no such thing as “disability car insurance” because the Americans with Disabilities Act prevents insurance carriers from raising rates for people on the basis of their disability.
However, people with disabilities may have higher premiums if they need additional coverage or if their disability makes them a higher risk for medical injury.

Factors that affect car insurance rates for drivers with disabilities

There are several factors that may impact a disabled person’s ability to acquire car insurance and their final rate. The most important factors include:
  • Type of disability. A driver’s disability can range from physical to mental. The type, along with the severity of the disability–such as loss of hearing or reduced mobility that requires the use of a wheelchair–will impact coverage needs, which will impact the final rate. In addition, some disabilities such as those that cause seizures may require doctor approval before an insurance provider will cover someone.
  • Add-on and speciality equipment. Some disabled drivers require the use of speciality equipment to safely operate a vehicle. Car insurance must cover added equipment such as ramps, hoists, vehicle control devices, or pedal extenders. Be sure to inform your insurance provider about all added equipment on your vehicle and ensure it is covered by your policy. In addition, make sure all the equipment has been installed by a qualified vehicle modifier to reduce the risk of an accident related to equipment failure or poor installation.

Extra insurance needed by disabled drivers

Because of these additional factors, further insurance needs that may apply to disabled drivers include:
  • Equipment insurance (may also be called “special equipment coverage”). This covers and insures all properly installed and disclosed equipment added to a vehicle. Often, this covers lifts but may not cover all specialized equipment or systems.
  • Mobility insurance. Should a crash or incident occur, this coverage will make sure the driver has a rental vehicle that can accommodate their disability while their vehicle is being repaired or replaced.
  • Handicapped equipment insurance (sometimes called “adaptation coverage”). This covers any type of change or modification made to a vehicle to enable a disabled person to safely operate it.
Disabled drivers deserve to get the most out of their car insurance. Insurance is essential for vehicle owners, but situations do change and some accommodations may be required, which can result in overpayment.
If you are a driver who is differently abled and want to ensure you get the best car insurance, a few insurance companies specialize in working with disabled persons or have plans and policies in place that can help.


Does being disabled affect car insurance?

On paper, no. The ADA prevents carriers from increasing your car insurance premiums solely based on your disability. However, you may need extra coverage for equipment in your vehicle or potential medical complications that will raise your premium.

Are there any car insurance companies that give discounts for disability?

Generally, no, you won’t get a discount from major providers for disabilities.
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