The Best Gifts for Drivers 2021

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If you're wondering what to get the car aficionado on your holiday gift list, have no fear, because Jerry is here—from car accessories to make them the envy of their Sunday driving club to cool threads that will make Henry Ford blush, and from the niftiest car tech items to the joys of reading about cars, we have a slew of gift ideas for car lovers this holiday season.
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But for now, back to that shopping list of yours—without further ado, the best gifts for new drivers and enthusiasts for the 2021 holiday season!
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While car heads love driving, this holiday season is your chance to help them look like a professional driver. Or, if your special someone is more into leisurely driving, we’ve got an idea for that too, not to mention a humorous addition to their driving wardrobe.

Puma Motorsport Collection

Puma motorsport sweatshirt product image.
Puma Motorsport Collection
Make the driver in your life feel like a pro with items from the Puma Motorsport Collection ($25-$485), including T-shirts, workout gear, windbreakers, shoes, and more.
With deep ties to racing legends such as BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, and more, Puma has built a long history of dressing the stars of the motorsport circuit. 

Driving loafers

Driving loafers product image
Rothy's driving loafers
Every driver worth their salt has a pair of driving loafers—oh, the driver on your list doesn’t? Well, this is your lucky day.
We here at Jerry insist that our feet be most comfortable when gently pressing (or slamming) the gas pedal, so why shouldn’t the driver on your list be just as comfortable? Now they can, with a pair of Rothy’s Driving Loafers ($185) to slip their feet into.
These breathable, lightweight loafers are constructed from recycled plastic bottles (no, we’re not making that up), and are designed to provide the utmost comfort to your feet, whether you’re driving the Maserati or just taking a walk.

Novelty socks

Boostnatics car-themed novelty socks product image.
Car-themed novelty socks
Ok, so maybe fancy driving loafers are a bit too pricey for your driver’s tastes (or you just don’t like them very much—no judgment). You can always give the driver on your holiday list (or yourself) a good chortle by giving them a pair of novelty driving socks ($7), featuring “clutch” on the left foot and “gas” on the right. 
If only we here at Jerry could have come up with a spark plug-of-an-idea like that…


If the car enthusiast on your list is also a gearhead, get ready to knock their carbon-fiber socks off with tech gizmos for their favorite ride.

Electronic tire pressure gauge

Astro electronic tire pressure gauge product image.
Astro electronic tire pressure gauge
No driver enjoys the sinking feeling of seeing a tire pressure alert start blinking away on the dashboard. But if this event does occur to the driver-on-your-holiday-list’s car, an Astro electronic tire pressure gauge ($10.50) can let them know how much (or how little) trouble their tire is in.
This digital gauge, with an LED backlight, produces precise pressure readings to show just how much air a tire will need to remain on the road. This is a great tool for older cars, most of which don’t have built-in tire pressure monitors. A potential lifesaver on the road!

Tile Mate keychain

If the driver on your list is forgetful, they might not immediately take a shine to this gift, but when they lose their keys? They’ll love you for it!
The Tile Mate Keychain ($24.99) is a great gift for any driver who finds themself in the unfortunate situation where they can’t find their keys. The Tile Mate syncs to your smartphone via the Tile Mate app, so if you lose your keys, fire up the app and you’ll be able to locate them in a jiffy.
A word of advice: being the conscientious person you are, make sure that once your giftee gets their hands on this handy do-dad, they attach the Tile Mate to their keychain and sync it with their smartphone before know...lose their keys. 
They’ll thank you later.

Ionizing air purifier

Car ionizing air purifier product image.
Car ionizing air purifier
Some drivers aren’t the best at know...clean. Well, this holiday season, nudge them in the direction of car hygiene with a Car Ionizing Air Purifier ($24.99) from Twinkle Birds.
This little doo-hickey is a fantastic tool that will clear your car’s cabin of pet odors, food smells, allergens, dust, bacteria, and the musty scent of your spouse’s friend’s cologne that you just cannot stand.
Also, the air purifier has two USB ports to boot as well!


Whether the driver on your list likes to keep their car pristine, travel with a car full of food and drink, or be prepared for breakdowns, these car accessories are sure to rev their engine!

Floor mats

Heavy duty floor mats product image.
Heavy duty floor mats
Winter can throw a lot at your car—snow, slush, ice, dirt, mud, small children in snowsuits—that can make your vehicle’s floors a mess. That’s why every driver (including the driver on your gift list) needs a robust set of winter floor mats.
FH Group’s heavy-duty floor mats ($36.99) are just what any driver needs to protect their vehicle from winter’s worst. These mats are custom made to fit your car enthusiast’s vehicle and have tall outer ridges to ensure no errant bits of snow or slush besmirch their prized auto’s floor.

Jump box

DeWalt portable jump starter product image.
DeWalt portable jump starter
If the driver on your holiday gift list doesn’t like to ask for directions (typical), odds are they won’t be chomping at the bit to flag down a passing motorist for help if their battery dies—they’ll fix it themselves!
This year, with one amazing gift, you can spare the driver on your list from pathetically trying to MacGuyver their car’s battery into starting and make them look like the car star they are—with a DeWalt Portable Jump Starter ($159).
The life-saver packs 1400 peak amps to boost any car that needs some juice. It is also rechargeable and provides compressed air as well.

Travel cooler

JoyTutus travel cooler product image.
JoyTutus travel cooler
If traveling is their thing, give the driver on your list a JoyTutus Travel Cooler ($269.99) and they’ll be in your debt forever!
This cooling rig can handle 26 quarts’ worth of your drinks, food, and snacks while keeping them cool for hours on end. This travel cooler gets cold in just 15 minutes, has thick insulation, and can hold up to 24 bottles or 26 cans.
It comes with a power adapter as well, so they can use the cooler wherever air conditioning is available.


Every driver, young and old, likes to kick back and lose themselves in a pleasurable pursuit—here are a few that we’re sure the driver on your holiday list will love!

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo product image.
Gran Turismo
If the driver on your list is also a gamer, boy will you have something for them—specifically, Gran Turismo 7 for PS5 ($89.99).
This new version of the hugely popular racing game was introduced to commemorate the game’s 25th anniversary for the hottest console on the planet.


Lego Technic Land Rover Defender product image.
Lego Technic Land Rover Defender
What car lover doesn’t love cars made of Legos
The driver on your gift list may be an adult, but the second they get their hands on the Lego Technic Land Rover Defender ($199.99) you’ve given them, they’ll be on the floor building away for hours on end. Good luck telling them it's time for bed.
With this Lego set, they’ll be able to build the iconic Defender, famous for its appearances in global hot spots, cross-continental races, humanitarian missions, and the world’s most fashionable boulevards.  

A book

Why We Drive: A Philosophy of the Open Road image.
Why We Drive: A Philosophy of the Open Road
While we’ve become heavily reliant on the glittering screens in our hands 24/7, the car lover on your gift list might actually appreciate a tactile object to hold in their hands—a paper-and-glue-curiosity that we all commonly know of as a book.
And what better read to curl up in their trunk with (and a flashlight) than Why We Drive: Toward A Philosophy of the Open Road, by Matthew B. Crawford ($19.64).
Crawford’s book is a celebration of the car as a vehicle (no pun intended) to personal freedom. For someone with a love affair with cars, this book might be the best gift you could give.

Give the gift of Jerry

Of course, you can always give the gift of Jerry to the car lover in your life!
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