The Best Gifts for Car Lovers 2021

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Finding the perfect gift for anyone can be a challenge, but finding a gift for the car aficionado who already has their dream car can be difficult. We’ve put together the best unique gifts for car lovers in every category.
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Best gifts for car care 

Any car enthusiast is going to be passionate about caring for their vehicle. These gifts are great choices to help your car lover keep their ride in tip-top shape. 

For the car lover who does their own detailing

Meguiars G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit products in a line.
Meguiars G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit
There’s nothing quite like that new car shine. Unfortunately, car enthusiasts know a shiny car doesn’t just happen. Give car lovers who don’t mind getting their hands dirty this complete car care kit. It includes all of the basic supplies needed to clean, polish, and shine their car for that fresh-off-the-lot glow. 

For the car lover who has a furry friend 

ORDORA pet hair remover product image.
ORDORA pet hair remover
If a car enthusiast in your life likes to drive around town with their furry friends, they are likely driving around with quite a lot of pet fur, as well. This hair removal tool is perfectly designed to remove every strand of hair. Better yet, it’s reusable, easy to clean, and portable, so they never have to worry about passengers getting covered in dog hair again. 

For the car lover who parks outside

A silver iCar Cover over a sedan on a white background.
iCar Cover
The worst thing for any car enthusiast is being forced to park their beloved vehicle outdoors. Cars that live outside can be exposed to harsh weather—which can cause scratches and dents—or bright sun—which can make paint fade. A heavy-duty car cover helps their car stay protected.
This iCarCover is waterproof, windproof, and has heat protection. It can fit almost any vehicle, and with a 7-year warranty, any car person will be able to put this gift to good use. 

For the amateur mechanic 

A red and black toolbox with its contents laid out in front of it.
450 piece mechanic’s tool set
This is the ultimate gift for the ultimate car-savvy person. Any at-home mechanic needs their own tools, and this 450-piece set includes everything required to address any issue. It’s well-organized and provides easy access to any instrument for complicated and simple projects alike. 

The best gifts for stylish car people 

Car enthusiasts know that nothing pairs better with a hot ride than a fashionable look. These stylish gifts are perfect for the car lover who wants to drive in style. 

For the car lover who wants comfort and control

A side view of a black Piloti Officina driving loafer.
Piloti Officina driving loafers
Driving loafers were originally designed for drivers who wanted extra grip—and extra style—as they swerved through Italian coastal roads in their speedsters. Even if the car lover in your life doesn’t have a fancy Italian sports car, they are sure to enjoy riding in these comfy yet practical loafers
The rubber sole and heel provide extra grip while driving, and they are comfortable enough for walking around the town. The handcrafted Italian leather is top quality, and these stylish kicks come in three colors—black, brown, and plum. 
Two black MRCUFF Fuel Gauge and Speedometer Cufflinks product image.
MRCUFF Fuel Gauge and Speedometer Cufflinks
If your car lover is getting dressed up for a night on the town but still wants to show off their gearhead personality, get them these fuel gauge and speedometer cufflinks. The subtle design isn’t a major distraction, but the cufflinks add enough flair to be a subtle nod to their automobile love.   

For the car lover who is solar powered 

A pair of black Ray-Ban Aviator Classics on a white background.
Ray-Ban Aviator Classics
Any serious driver needs to protect their eyes when they’re on the road, and these classic Ray-Bans are the perfect way to do that in style. With 13 different lens colors and rim combinations, you can purchase a unique gift for a car lover that captures their style. 

For the car lover who drives with the top down 

Silky Hair Scarf, Available at Etsy, $7.92 If the car lover in your life spends hours on their hair and then hops into a convertible with the top down, this might be the perfect gift for them. A silky hair scarf will keep their hair from getting windblown—and they’ll be able to channel Grace Kelly as they motor through the countryside. 

Tech gifts for car lovers 

Car people love their gadgets. While their car may be their biggest toy, there are plenty of gifts for car lovers among today’s hottest tech selections. 

For the car lover who is lost without their Alexa 

Amazon Echo Auto
Amazon Echo Auto
If the car enthusiast in your life starts the day by saying “Hey, Alexa…”, this is the gift for them. The Echo Auto connects to a smartphone Alexa app and is designed to be a roadside personal assistant. 
With eight microphones, the Echo Auto can pick up voices over music, podcasts, or noise from the road. Not only does it play music, but it can help with directions, set reminders, and even pay for gas. 

For the car lover who always loses their keys

A white Tile Mate car tracker.
Tile Mate
While they may take great care of their car, not everyone is as great at remembering where they put their keys. If a car lover in your life has a forgetful streak, help them out by giving them this Bluetooth key finder. Tile’s technology can help locate any misplaced item—near or far—and it is compatible with most virtual assistants. 

For the car lover who needs an extra boost 

White RapidX X5 USB Ports Car Charger product image.
RapidX X5 USB Ports Car Charger
Someone who spends a lot of time in their car will likely need to charge their electronics while on the go. This five-port car charger plugs into vehicle outlets or the car’s cigarette lighter to deliver a quick charge to all your devices. With multiple ports, it’s the perfect gift for a family who road trips—no more fighting over the phone charger! 

Best budget gifts for car lovers 

While cars can cost a pretty penny, finding unique gifts for car lovers doesn’t have to break the bank. These gifts are all under $30, and they are sure to delight any car aficionado. 

For the car lover who just got a stick shift 

Boostnatics car-themed novelty socks product image.
Car-themed novelty socks
Anyone who drives a manual loves to talk about the fact that they drive a manual. These funny socks will help them show off their driving preference—and it may help them remember which foot is the clutch and which one is the long as they keep them on the correct feet. 

For the car lover who loves car history 

Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile book cover.
Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile
Any true car enthusiast will love this coffee table book. With exquisite pictures and high-quality illustrations, the book documents the evolution of the automobile—from the Model T to the automobiles of today. While it documents the mechanical and technical advances in each generation, the book expertly discusses the societal impact of the automobile industry and how it shaped the world as we know it today. 

For the car enthusiast who loves that new car smell

There is nothing better than the fresh smell of a brand new car. Even if their car is no longer brand spanking new, a car lover in your life will be able to replicate that fragrance with this hand-poured candle. With notes of amber, birch, tar, cedar, moss, and leather, this is as close as you’ll get to the scent of driving right off the lot. 

Best splurge gifts for car lovers 

For that extra-special car enthusiast in your life, consider one of these high-quality gifts that will add a bit of luxury to their holiday season.

For the car lover who’s a kid at heart 

A green Lamborghini Lego model.
Lego Lamborghini Sián FKP 37
This is the ultimate in the land of model cars. With over 3,600 pieces, an 8-speed transmission, and a unique serial number, this Lego Lamborghini is almost as good as the real thing. The lime green color makes it stand out, and it has exquisite detailing, it’s sure to delight any car enthusiast or Lego lover. It’s a tricky build, so it’s recommended for car lovers 18 and up. 

For the car lover who is also a gamer 

Black Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel product image.
Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel
If the car lover in your life feels the need for speed on and off the road, get them this gaming system. Logitech’s racing wheel and pedals pair with any XBOX or PC for the ultimate racing game experience. The pedals have realistic force feedback to simulate the feeling you’d get on the road and over any terrain. It’s easy to use and durable for long-lasting gameplay.

For the car lover who is always on the go

Matte black Porsche Design Backpack product image.
Porsche Design Backpack
Created by the design experts at Porsche, this backpack is ergonomically constructed for easy transport. The padded straps and chest strap make it comfortable for carrying a laptop, notebook, or other items. Its minimalist, automotive-inspired design is made of recycled polyester, so it’s durable and easy to clean. Perfect for any active car lover on the run. 

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