The Best Car Insurance Deals in California

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With over 39 million residents in California, there’s a lot of car insurance being used in the Golden State. California has the most people of any state in the nation, and most of them of them own at least one vehicle. It’s no surprise, then, that the state has abundant car insurance companies that offer their services and coverage.
While every auto insurance company has different strengths and weaknesses, and every driver has different priorities, a large number of drivers are primarily looking for the best price. Price is the number one concern for most insurance consumers, and Californians are no different. With so many options for car insurance in California, choosing a provider can be daunting, so looking at the best prices can be very helpful.

Most affordable overall car insurance companies

The three best auto insurance providers in California, in terms of overall affordability, are 21st Century, Nationwide, and Progressive. It’s no surprise that these three are all large companies, as large auto insurance providers are usually able to offer the best prices. These three large car insurance providers all offer great rates throughout the country, but especially in California, where you won’t find anyone better.

Most affordable car insurance for young drivers

Young drivers are the most expensive demographic to insure. As such, it’s extra important for them to find auto insurance providers. The most affordable car insurer for young drivers in California is, by far, GEICO. After GEICO, 21st Century and Esurance round out the top three. If you’re a young driver – or the parent of a young driver – your search for auto insurance should start and end here.

Most affordable car insurance for retired drivers

Retired drivers don’t drive their cars with much regularity, or in as strenuous of situations, because they’re no longer working and commuting. Because of this, many insurance companies are able to offer reduced rates for retired people. In California, the three best auto insurance companies, in terms of affordability for retired drivers, are 21st Century, GEICO, and Allstate, respectively. All three of these companies offer terrific rates to drivers who are no longer commuting.

Most affordable car insurance for good drivers

Almost all auto insurance companies offer incentives for drivers with a good history. If you’ve avoided accidents and speeding tickets, chances are you’re eligible for a good discount from whatever auto insurance provides your coverage. The three best car insurance companies in California for such discounts are, in order, GEICO, Esurance, and 21st Century.

Most affordable car insurance for drivers with an at-fault crash

Being the responsible party in an accident can dramatically spike your auto insurance rates. Thankfully, many car insurance companies still offer reasonable rates, even if you fall into this category. In California, the best car insurance companies for drivers with at-fault accidents on their driving history are AAA, Esurance, and GEICO, respectively.
Regardless of your situation and your car, if you’re a California driver, you can find an auto insurance provider that is tailored to your needs. With a little shopping around, and some consultation of this list, you can find the right insurance provider for you.

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