The 10 Best Home and Car Insurance Companies

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If you have a car, then you absolutely need to have car insurance. It’s mandatory in every state except New Hampshire and Virginia, and even there it’s a horrible idea to drive without car insurance.
And if you have a home, then you should strongly consider getting homeowners insurance. It’s not legally required, like car insurance is, but it is really important to have and can really help you out.
If you have both car and home insurance, it makes a lot of sense to use one company for both of your policies. You’ll likely be able to bundle your home and car insurance that way, which will save you money. On top of that, it’s just easier to pay bills to one company rather than two.
But if you’re going to use one company for home and car insurance, it’s doubly important that you use the right company. Read on to learn about 10 of the best home and car insurance companies.

State Farm

You probably know State Farm for their very common television commercials. They’re arguably the most well known insurance company in the country, and that’s not just for show. While they’re best known for their car insurance, their homeowners insurance is also high quality, and they have lots of options so you can find what’s best for you.


When you think of AAA you probably think of car insurance and only car insurance. After all, the second “A” in the name stands for “Automobile.” AAA coverage varies across the country, depending on the club, but many of them offer homeowners insurance as well, and it has great reviews.


Geico has done a good job marketing itself. After all, who doesn’t know the Geico gecko? But the company is more than just good at marketing; they’re also very good at both homeowners insurance and car insurance.


Erie is known for having tremendous customer service, and a large list of add-ons and rebates. This applies to their car insurance and their homeowners insurance, which both receive high marks from customers.


Now that we’ve mentioned Nationwide, you probably have their jingle stuck in your head. Sorry about that. But they’re more than a catchy ad campaign. Nationwide is one of the country’s most popular home and car insurers, because they offer some of the best coverage.


Amica is touted for having some of the best perks in the business. Both their home and auto insurance coverages have built in rewards and features that lead to very happy customers.


One impressive thing about Progressive is they always have a very low rate of customer complaints. That might seem like a normal thing, but it can be rare with an enormous insurance company, because they have so many customers. But Progressive is known for always providing good customer service, as well as great policies for good rates.


MetLife is one of the oldest insurance companies around, not just in the country but in the world. And they’ve clearly learned some things in their roughly 150 years of providing insurance, as they remain one of the most popular options for both car insurance and homeowners insurance.


Here’s yet another large insurance company that you’re probably used to seeing on your TV. Allstate is a lot more than just some catchy and creative marketing. The company offers some of the best perks and add-ons in the industry for both car and home insurance.


Not everyone is eligible for USAA, but for those who are, it offers some of the very best insurance around. USAA is strictly for veterans, active military members, and the families of each, and its policies are considered among the very best available, with customer service to match.
When it comes to purchasing car insurance, purchasing home insurance, or bundling the two, you can’t go wrong with any of these companies.

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