Teen Car Insurance: Do I Have to Add My Teenager to My Auto Insurance Policy?

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  • Can Teenage Drivers Get Their Own Car Insurance?
As your kids enter their teenage years, one of the big milestones is getting their driver’s license. But what about car insurance for teenage drivers? The whole thought of your teenager driving is stressful enough without worrying about making sure they’re properly insured—without it costing a fortune.
Chances are, though, that you have a lot of questions that need answers before you start shopping for the best rates on car insurance for your teen, including:
  • Can my son drive if he is not on my insurance?
  • Will my daughter’s insurance cost less than my son’s?
  • How do I add my teen to my auto insurance?
Read on to find the answers to your most asked questions about teen car insurance.

Can Teenage Drivers Get Their Own Car Insurance?

You know teen drivers can get a learner’s permit and, eventually, a driver’s license. But can teenage drivers also get their own auto insurance policy? The simple answer is yes. But the longer answer is actually a bit more complicated. Fortunately, many states do not require your teen to have their own insurance policy while they have their learner’s permit and are first learning to drive.
This is because when your teen has a learner’s permit, there is a licensed adult (typically parents or guardian) in the car supervising them while they learn. Once they get their license, though, they will need to get on an auto insurance policy. At this point, you and your teen need to decide how they will be covered. Regardless of whether they decide to get a car insurance policy of their own or are simply added to yours, insurance costs for a teen driver are high. So adding them to your policy might be the best option, at least until they move out on their own.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Teenager to Car Insurance?

On average, adding a teen to your current car insurance policy will increase your car insurance rates by about 44 percent for a one-car family. If your family has more than one car, expect your insurance to increase by 58 percent for two cars, and an astounding 62 percent for three vehicles. 
Also affecting this increase is whether you have a teenage boy or girl. Teenage boys tend to be a higher risk than teenage girls, at least in the eyes of auto insurance companies, which explains why teen boys end up paying more for car insurance. These amounts do tend to equalize as teenage boys and girls get older, but younger drivers pay a higher rate overall.
Most younger drivers pay increased rates on car insurance even after their teenage years. In fact, these increased rates last until young drivers turn 25, at which point auto insurance rates start to go down and the opportunities for discounts go up.

How Much Does Teen Insurance Go Up After an Accident for a New Driver?

In addition to paying more for auto insurance, a new driver will also see a greater increase in their insurance rates if they have a car accident. This is because teen drivers are already considered high risk and a car accident increases their risk factor.
If the teen is not at fault in the accident then they shouldn’t expect their car insurance rates to go up. But if they are at-fault, their premiums will go up by hundreds of dollars, depending on the amount of coverage they have. This is mainly because of their increased risk and the car insurance discounts they can expect to lose.

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