Someone Keyed My Car. What Should I Do?

Having your car keyed is a horrible experience. Fortunately, with the right coverage, getting your keyed car repaired and back on the road is simple. Read here to learn what to do when someone keys your car.
Written by Cheryl Knight
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
When your car gets keyed, you should immediately record the damages and file a police report.
While you should inform the police when something like this happens, there's little they can do to actually fix your paint. Fortunately, there is a chance that your
car insurance
will foot the bill.
So, what do you do after someone keys your car? Will your insurance cover a keyed car and other
to the exterior? Read this guide by insurance broker app
to learn more.
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What to do after someone keys your car

When you realize your car has been vandalized, it’s important that you take the steps to ensure the claims process is as painless as possible.
If you have
comprehensive coverage
on your car, you can go through the simple process of reporting the vandalism to the police and your car insurance company, as described below. If you don't have comprehensive, you won't be able to report the damages and get covered, and you'll have to foot the bill of repairs yourself. It's unlikely the culprit will be found, so you won't be able to sue anyone for damages.
Here are the steps you can take when you realize your car has been keyed.

Record the damage

Start by recording any damage to your car, including taking a video or pictures of the car scratches. You should also take notes about the time and place that the damage occurred and the type of damage done. By writing this information down while it’s still fresh in your mind, you ensure that you don’t forget important details for your insurance claim.

Avoid touching anything

Most importantly, don’t touch anything (although it may be tempting to run your fingers over any paint scratches!). After your car has been vandalized, it’s considered evidence. Touching your vehicle or trying to fix the damage yourself can destroy the evidence the police might need.

Call the police

You should also call the police to come and investigate the paint scratches and have them file a police report. This will help bolster your claim with your car insurance company. You’ll also need to request a copy of the report to file along with your claim.

Contact your insurance company

After the police have done their investigation, contact your insurance agent to make an insurance claim. They can walk you through the claims process and tell you what you need to do and when. Your insurer will also send a claims adjuster to assess the damage.

Pay your deductible

Before your insurance company will pay out any money for key scratches, you’ll have to pay your
. In some cases (like if you only have a few light scratches), the repair cost might be less than your deductible. If this is the case, it’s better to pay out of pocket.

Get the damage repaired

Once the police and the insurance adjuster have done their investigation, it’s time to get those car scratches fixed. Depending on your insurance, the process usually involves taking your keyed car to a repair shop. 
In many cases, your insurer will pay a set amount to repair the damage. If the repair costs exceed what the insurer pays, the repair shop will either bill you or your insurance for the difference.
It’s important that you report any damage to your car as soon as it happens, as waiting to do it might mean you won’t be able to secure a police report, which is something you’ll need to file a claim. By acting quickly, you can get your vehicle repaired and back on the road as soon as possible.

Does insurance cover a keyed car?

There are many forms of vandalism that can ruin your paint job and result in other costly repairs, including having your vehicle spray painted, scratched, or damaged in some way. Thankfully, a comprehensive car insurance policy will cover non-accident damages to your vehicle, included a keyed car.
If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you’ll have to pay to get the paint scratches repaired out of pocket. However, if the person responsible for the key scratches is caught, the courts have the power to make them pay for the damage. That is why it's important to take the right steps when your car is vandalized.
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