Selling a Car in Wyoming

Here’s a quick guide to selling a car in Wyoming. Check out this list of required documents.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
Selling a car in Wyoming is easier than you think. You will need the complete title, a VIN inspection for the title transfer, an odometer disclosure (if applicable), and a notarized bill of sale, if selling or buying privately. Easy as pie!
It’s important to follow the rules carefully if you’re selling a car in
. The process is easy, but missing a step could have negative consequences. For instance, you could end up legally responsible for someone else’s traffic tickets.
Ready? Here’s a quick guide to selling a car in Wyoming, compiled for you by
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What you need to sell a car in Wyoming

Before you head to the Wyoming DMV, make sure you have the following items: 
  • Complete title with signatures from all parties
  • VIN inspection for the title transfer
  • Odometer disclosure (if applicable)
  • Notarized bill of sale (for private sales)
  • Lien release (if applicable)
The sale of any vehicle from model year 2011 or newer must include an odometer disclosure. Cars older than 2010 do not need to submit a mileage disclosure.
Pro tip: If you’re trying to sell a car, it’s a good idea to have a vehicle history report on hand. Most buyers will ask to see some kind of proof of maintenance. You can also get an independent mechanic to assess the vehicle.
Before you hand over your keys, make sure you take off your old license plates. If you get a new vehicle after selling your old one, your old plates can be transferred to the new one within 45 days.
You must also switch over your car insurance. A gap in coverage leaves you unprotected and it can push up the price of car insurance later on.

Getting a pre-sale inspection

Wyoming does not require a pre-sale inspection. However, most buyers will ask to have the vehicle inspected before forking over any cash.
All Wyoming vehicles are subject to a statewide vehicle inspection requirement as a condition of ownership. This is a general safety check. Some states require smog checks, emissions tests, and VIN checks, too.
You will need a
VIN inspection
to transfer a title in Wyoming.
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Documenting the sale

Wyoming does not have an official bill of sale form, although this document is required for private car sales. You can use LegalZoom to find an appropriate form for you and the buyer to fill out. Note that it must be signed in the presence of a notary, otherwise the Department of Transportation will consider it void.
A bill of sale usually includes:
  • VIN
  • Year, make, model of the vehicle
  • Purchase price
  • Date of sale
  • Buyer’s legal full name, address, and signature
  • Seller’s full legal name, address and signature
  • A brief statement indicating that the title is free and clear of liens and other restrictions
Make a copy of the document for both parties.

Signing the title over

To be considered valid by the state of Wyoming, all relevant parties must sign the title.
If more than one person is listed on the title—and there is an “and”, “and/or” or nothing between their names—then both people must sign the title. Otherwise, only one party needs to sign.
Wyoming has made it easy by creating the
Application for Certificate of Title and VIN/HIN Inspection
form, AKA Form MV-300A. You will also need proof of a VIN inspection and proof of state residency. Bring these documents to a county clerk’s office along with payment.
A lost or damaged title is not the end of the road (sorry for the pun). Just apply for a duplicate title with your county. 

Reporting the sale

There are no additional reporting requirements for selling a car in Wyoming. However, you must notify your car insurance company that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle.

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