Sedan vs Coupe: Which to Choose For Cheap Car Insurance

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Most people would think car insurance for a new Lamborghini exceeds that of a Ford Focus manufactured in the same year. And that's likely true. But with two similar profile of vehicles, pitting a coupe vs a sedan is more difficult.
It's easy to assume that a coupe is more expensive to insure, but that is not always the case. Car insurance and broker app Jerry has outlined everything you need to know about which type of vehicle might set you back a few more dollars to insure.

How much is coupe car insurance?

It depends on where you live, and your driver profile, but coupe car insurance is usually relatively expensive.
A coupe typically refers to a car with two-doors and just the front seat. In fact, the word "coupe" means "cut out," and the part that is cut out is the back seat. This type of car is best suited for a single individual or couple without kids. That is why a coupe generally costs more to insure.
Those that drive this type of vehicle are usually younger, and youth is an increased risk factor for a car insurance provider. After all, younger drivers tend to get into more accidents and, consequently, file more claims than older, more seasoned drivers.
There are, however, exceptions to this general rule. The make and model of a car plays a large role in calculating insurance premiums, boiling down to how much it would cost to replace the vehicle if it were totaled.
It's also down to the build of the car. The presence of safety features helps to lower insurance premiums for coupes. Finally, some coupes now have two rows of seating, and these vehicles play by different insurance rules.
Key Takeaway: Coupes—typically two-door cars with no backseats—attract younger drivers, so they can be costlier to insure. But this could vary depending on the make, model, and build of the car.

How much is sedan insurance?

These days, sedans are among some of the cheapest cars to insure.
Sedans have four doors and two rows of seating, and the appearance is often more sedate than that of a coupe. This makes it an ideal vehicle for a family with ample seating and relatively good gas mileage.
As more of a family car, the general assumption from a car insurance provider’s viewpoint is that its driver would be more responsible and at lower risk of accident than a driver with no family to protect or lose.
As with coupes, sedans don’t always fit a certain mold. A pricey make or model of sedan costs more to insure than an economy version. There is also more to consider than the type of vehicle driven when calculating a car insurance quote. A driver with a poor record, for instance, will pay a high premium regardless of the type of car driven.
Key Takeaway: Since they're seen as family cars, sedans tend to be cheaper to insure than sportier vehicles. Premiums can still rise for fancier models or high-risk drivers though.

So, is insurance more expensive for 2 door cars?

Well, not necessarily. It's true that sportier cars tend to be a little more pricey in the eyes of insurance companies. However, there are cheap coupe cars to insure.
The only way to conclusively know how much car insurance costs for a particular vehicle - whether it is a coupe or sedan - is to get a quote. That requires contacting multiple insurance providers to explore options. And the best way to do that is through the Jerry app.


Are coupes more expensive than sedans to buy?

Once again, it depends on what you're buying. Of course, a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ convertible is more expensive than a VW Jetta. However, pitting a Jetta against a base level Mazda Miata, for example, is a bit more complicated. Your best bet, then, is to shop around.

Where can I get cheap car insurance for my coupe or sedan?

You may assume that finding cheap insurance for coupe cars is a difficult task. The same goes for sedans. But with Jerry, that assumption is far from reality.
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