Removing the Ford Bronco’s Doors Is Easier Than You Think

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According to a recent Consumer Reports (CR) article, the new-look Ford Bronco is chock-full of cool features, including the ability to remove the doors and roof.
While you might suspect this is a gimmick and not a realistic option for most drivers, CR actually went ahead and tried it. Not only was it possible, but removing them was much easier and quicker than expected.
Two Ford Broncos on display in a desert. One doesn’t have doors.
Taking the doors off your Bronco doesn’t have to be a hassle.

How easy is it to remove the Ford Bronco’s doors and roof?

Consumer Reports found that taking off the Bronco’s doors was surprisingly simple. All you have to do is undo an “easy-to-reach” electrical connector, and use the supplied ratchet to remove two bolts from each of the four doors.
The doors stay resting on the hinges once the bolts have come off, and thanks to their frameless-window design, they are light enough that most people can lift them without needing to call a buddy.
Impressively, it only took CR’s reviewer 6 minutes and 40 seconds to remove all four doors on their first attempt.
Replacing the doors proved a bit more challenging, specifically lining up the doors and hinges without scratching the paint, but it still only took 11 minutes. The reviewer was confident both times could be improved with practice.
While taking off the roof was just as simple—a matter of unfastening latch levers connected to three panels—CR advises you’ll need two people to safely handle the heavy rear section.

Are you allowed to drive without doors?

Legally, you are allowed to drive without doors as long as your car still has the required number of side mirrors.
The Bronco passes this test, but Ford is careful to remind drivers that removing the doors is intended for off-road use only (there’s even a sticker in the doorjamb repeating the message).
This is a safety issue. While removing the Bronco’s doors doesn't compromise the vehicle’s structure, the driver and passengers would have very little protection if the car was on the receiving end of a t-bone crash.

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