These Destinations Make the Ultimate Oklahoma Haunted Road Trip (Beware of Ghosts)

Ready to meet ghostly oil barons and mysterious children on this ultimate Oklahoma haunted road trip? Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Written by Bonnie Stinson
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
The ultimate
haunted road trip is about to commence! This state is positively bursting with bizarre destinations to explore. With a history of creepy oil barons, abandoned mines, and mysterious children, Oklahoma is the perfect place to get into the spooky spirit.
Some places on this list are fun to explore during the daylight hours, whereas others are more thrilling once the sun goes down. Just be sure to follow posted guidelines, as some sites are on private property or marked "no trespassing" due to unmaintained infrastructure.
The most haunted places in Oklahoma are sometimes off the beaten path. You might want to get a roadside assistance membership with
before you start ghost-hunting. We know you are brave enough to seek out these creepy places in Oklahoma, but who will look after your car?
Ready? Gird your loins and look out behind you. Let’s dive into this Oklahoma haunted road trip.

Key trip details

Guthrie to Edmond
This loop takes you from central Oklahoma, up to the Kansas border, all the way down to the Texas border, before ending back in central OK. You can take the trip as one big loop—combining multiple stops in a day—or you can choose to take day trips to any of the sites.
Total distance: 751 miles
Total drive time: 14 hours
Suggested length of trip: 5 to 7 days

Haunted Oklahoma itinerary

  • Guthrie, OK—One half to one day
  • Tulsa, OK—1 to 2 days
  • Picher, OK—One half day
  • Durant, OK—1 day
  • Milo, OK—One half day
  • Wichita Mountains, OK—1 to 2 days
  • El Reno, OK—1 day
  • Oklahoma City, OK—1 to 2 days
  • Edmond, OK

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Just thirty minutes north of Oklahoma City on I-35, the town of Guthrie has several unmissable haunted buildings that are guaranteed to make your spine tingle. Be sure to read up on the legends, as they really heighten the experience once you arrive.
For such a small town, Guthrie really packs a punch when it comes to scary attractions. If you only have time for a short haunted road trip, this is a great itinerary. From ghostly children to murderous criminals, there is no shortage of eerie stuff in Guthrie.

What to do in Guthrie

An abandoned silo in Guthrie
  • Dominion House—Start at the Guthrie Masonic Boys Home, also known as Dominion House. Today, it serves as a glamorous event venue, but in the past, legend has it that this boys’ orphanage was host to more unsavory events.
Supposedly, a Trunchbull-esque headmistress in the 1900s murdered several boys and buried them in the basement. There’s reportedly a dark shadow lurking in the bell tower, too. The building only closed as a boys’ school in 1978 and the owners are friendly to ghost-hunters, so you have a good chance of encountering sinister spirits here.
  • First Territorial Prison—Across town is The Black Jail, the first territorial prison in the Midwest. The prison’s most well-known inmate was the murderer James Phillips who was scheduled to be hanged in 1907.
Before he was executed, he went to bed and died the night before. People say that the jail is haunted by Phillips and other former inmates. Unfortunately, you can’t go inside—but the bad vibes are obvious from blocks away.

Where to stay in Guthrie

  • Stone Lion Inn Bed & Breakfast
    —If you have time for an overnight stay, check out the Stone Lion Inn B&B. An eight-year-old girl ghost named Irene is said to roam the halls at night and squeeze guests’ toes while they sleep. Be sure to plan your visit during a scheduled murder mystery night. Cost per night: from $77

Tulsa, OK

90.2 miles, 1 hour 41 minutes from Guthrie
The beautiful city of Tulsa is worth visiting anyway, but it’s especially worth exploring if you’re interested in the paranormal.
If you love sordid historic characters, then Tulsa’s Gilcrease Museum is pure gold. Not only can you view world-class artwork here, but the founder has a fascinating story—and a continued ghostly presence in the museum.
To get to Tulsa, take OK-33 E to I-44 E.

What to do in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Gilcrease Museum
    —The Gilcrease Museum is home to Thomas Gilcrease’s collection of artifacts and artwork. Alive in the early 1900s, the man was an oil baron and multi-millionaire. His ghost is often spotted wandering the grounds and finishing at the mausoleum that houses his remains. (Night security guards have a high turnover rate)
  • The Redbud Valley Nature Preserve
    —The Redbud Valley Nature Preserve is supposedly home to a laughing female ghost near Kara’s Bridge. It’s temporarily closed, but the park’s landscape is spooky even if you don’t meet the young ghoul.

Where to stay in Tulsa

  • Hotel Indigo
    —Located in downtown Tulsa, the Hotel Indigo is a trendy spot to stay in Tulsa’s buzzing Blue Dome District. The hotel has basic amenities for a comfortable, affordable stay. Cost per night: from $126
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Picher, Oklahoma

96.1 miles, 1 hour 30 minutes from Tulsa
Your jaw will drop—at the far northwest corner of the state, is the ghost town of Picher. Full of toxic waste and bad vibes, Picher is an epic destination worthy of the most committed haunted road trippers.
Labeled as the "Most Toxic Place in America" by the EPA, Picher is a former lead-zinc mining town that experienced a sludge spill. Contaminated water made the town unlivable in the 1980s, and since then the town has been frozen in time.
To get to Picher, take I-44 E to US-69 N from Tulsa.

What to do in Picher

Picher Mining Museum, Picher
  • Wander around and don’t touch anything questionable—Seriously, don’t drink the water and look out for flyaway debris. On every corner in Picher, there’s a creepy vista. Think abandoned brick buildings against stark piles of tan dirt. Many areas of the town are fenced off, but you’re guaranteed to discover something disturbing if you walk around.
Pro Tip Picher is a ghost town in the truest sense of the word. It’s worth a visit, but not a stay. Plan on getting an early start from Tulsa before continuing to Durant, or take a day trip and head back to Tulsa for an overnight.

Durant, OK

239 miles, 4 hours 12 minutes from Picher
Near the Texas border is Durant, home to one of the most creepy places in Oklahoma. It’s a bit of a drive, but Fort Washita and the story of ghostly Aunt Jane are spine-tingling.
The abandoned buildings and cemetery are unarguably haunted at this former fort. Whether or not you have a paranormal encounter, Fort Washita is a beautiful and historic site that will make your road trip feel short.
From Picher, take US-69 S to Durant. If you’re making the trip from Tulsa, follow US-75 S to US-69 S. The trip should take about two and a half hours.

What to do in Durant

An abandoned home on the side of an Oklahoma country road
  • Fort Washita
    either on a guided group tour or on a self-guided exploration. The restored structures are marvelous and the original sandstone structures are strewn with overgrown plants. If you can time your visit with the annual Fur Trade Era Rendezvous, you can watch a fun reenactment of frontier times in Oklahoma.
Here comes the scary part: The legendary ghost of Aunt Jane comes from a local woman who was murdered by thieves when she wouldn’t tell them where her money was. In retaliation, they beheaded Jane and scattered her on the grounds of what is now Fort Washita. Decades after her death, Aunt Jane’s spirit supposedly possessed a child called Molly Stalcup who lived near the fort. Fact or fiction? You be the judge.
Pro Tip Picher to Durant is the longest stretch of the drive on the trip. Consider staying in Durant to get an early start to Milo.

Milo, OK

53.8 miles, 1 hour 8 minutes from Durant
Steps away from the Texas border is a cemetery in Milo, OK that will make your hair stand on end. Locals know it as a place of deep misfortune, as it’s home to recent murder victims as well as frontier outlaws.
Brown Springs Cemetery is one of the most authentically creepy cemeteries in the entire state. Surrounded by marshland and faded headstones, a twilight visit to Brown Springs is guaranteed to make an impression.
To get to Milo, take US-70 W to State Hwy 32 W.

What to do in Milo

An Oklahoma Cemetery
  • Brown Springs Cemetery
    —This area is full of tall grass, thick brush, and trees. Pay a visit to the cemetery and pay heed to the surrounding wetlands. The cemetery was originally founded in the 1800s as a burial place for several outlaws. Thirty years ago, four people were murdered in the area and the final victim’s car was found stuck in the springs. Other bodies have been found here, too. Can anyone say Blair Witch?
Pro Tip Be respectful when visiting cemeteries, as they are equally as important to bereaved families as they are to ghost-hunters.
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Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

141 miles, 2 hours 30 minutes from Milo
This stunning wildlife refuge is in the southwest corner of the state. But
Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
is not just a normal park. It has a creepy spiral staircase, a lake with strange echoes, and spooky legends galore.
If you’re eager to leave the city behind, then this is the perfect haunted road trip spot for you. You’ll enjoy fresh air, beautiful views, and a delightfully sinister vibe.
From Milo, continue on State Hwy 32 W to US-81 N to get to the Wildlife Refuge.

What to do in Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge
  • Lake Jed Johnson—Paranormal enthusiasts state that a woman’s spirit lurks near the dam. Across the lake is a stone tower that is closed to the public since it was the site of many suicides. Not convinced it’s creepy? Keep an eye out for wildlife behaving strangely and see if you can hear the woman’s screams echoing across the water.
  • Parallel Forest Finish your adventure by driving twenty minutes to Lawton, OK to visit the Parallel Forest. Someone planted the trees in straight rows, and walking the groves feels like something straight out of a haunted house. Bring a compass and a friend.
Pro Tip If spending the night in a spooky campground is your thing, consider camping at Fawn Creek Campgrounds near the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

El Reno, Oklahoma

87.4 miles, 1 hour 41 minutes from Wichita Mountains
Thirty minutes west of Oklahoma City is the fascinating town of El Reno. It hosts a former POW camp and a monthly ghost tour through the local cemetery. It’s definitely worth your effort, especially if you can line up your haunted road trip with a Candlelight Tour.
This is a memorable destination for anyone who loves the spooky and sinister. When else will you have the chance to visit a candlelight military fort while holding a lantern?
To get to El Reno, take US-277 N to I-44 E.

What to do in El Reno

Hotel El Reno, El Reno
  • Fort Reno
    —Established in 1874, this fort is one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma. It has served as a fort, remount depot, and German prisoner-of-war camp in World War II. You may see faces in windows and mysterious orbs in photographs.
  • Fort Reno Ghost Tour
    —If visiting the fort on your own isn’t enough, the Fort Reno Ghost Tour is wonderful. You’ll get a lantern and be guided through the grounds, cemetery, and buildings on site. It’s led by paranormal researchers!
  • Candlelight Tour
    —If you time it right, you can attend the annual Candlelight Tour where reenactors create an immersive story about life in the fort over the years. Tombstone Tales is another special event that explores the lives of the people buried at Fort Reno.
Pro Tip Try to schedule your road trip to line up with a seasonal event. It’s worth the effort!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

28.7 miles, 30 minutes from El Reno
Urban ghost stories are some of the most terrifying, and Oklahoma City is no exception. The capital of Oklahoma is brimming with supernatural phenomena—and it’s gruesome. You don’t even have to leave the city limits to experience it all.
You’ll enjoy the petrifying sights in Oklahoma City. Even locals will be surprised how spooky the city feels after dark. To heighten the fright factor, try to visit these destinations in the evening.
From El Reno, take I-40 E to Oklahoma City.

What to do in Oklahoma City

The Skirvin Hotel, Oklahoma City
  • Skirvin Hotel
    —Stop by the 1900’s-era Skirvin Hotel for ghost stories that will make your skin crawl. Now fully restored, this historic building has seen some violent stuff. According to legend, the original owner locked his pregnant mistress in a room on the 10th floor and she jumped to her death while holding her baby.
  • Hatchet House
    —This is another seriously ominous building in town. The shutters on the outside actually have tiny hatchet shapes cut out of the wood. Neighbors say that a small child was murdered two doors down and then dragged to the Hatchet House. To hide the bloodstains, the driveway and porch were painted red. It’s also known as Carey House.
  • Kitchen Lake
    —The Kitchen Lake Witch supposedly lived in the Black Magic House here, which is now only a concrete slab. It burned down along with the woman years ago, and locals report strange occurrences like headless animals and ghostly smoke. On second thought, this place might be better for a daylight visit.
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Edmond, Oklahoma

14.5 miles, 30 minutes from Oklahoma City Edmonds is home to a wacky, creepy, and frankly disturbing attraction that will make your bones shiver. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a camera, because your friends may not believe you without proof.
It’s an easy drive from OKC to Edmond, either on US-77 or I-235.

What to do in Edmond

A country road in Edmond
  • Gandini’s Circus
    —Start your frightful adventure at the ruins of this abandoned circus camp just off Kelly Avenue. Keep an eye out for derelict cages and train cars while you imagine the lives of animal trainers and acrobats.
  • Hopewell Baptist Church
    —Formerly abandoned, this church has undergone some renovation in recent years. Drop by to explore a gorgeous example of mid-century architecture, right smack in the middle of Oklahoma.
Pro Tip Edmond is 30 minutes from Guthrie, where the trip started. You can also end your trip in Oklahoma City.
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Tips for haunted road tripping

Some places are not only haunted but dangerous due to crumbling infrastructure. Please follow all posted signs for trespassing. Keep in mind that many cemeteries are not open after dark.
Ghost tours will take you through popular spots, but solo adventuring may give you the best chance at actually having a paranormal encounter.
And be safe! Tell a friend where you’re going, remain calm, and bring your phone—although don’t be surprised if your battery suddenly dies…

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