Mississippi Window Tint Law

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Mississippi window tint law allows your windshield to be tinted up to the AS1 line—the indicator for clear glass, roughly 3 inches from the top of your windshield. The side and rear windows can be tinted up to 28%.
Tinted windows can be great for the aesthetic, privacy, and function of your car—but they can also limit visibility on the road. For this reason, many states limit the amount of tint you may use on different parts of your vehicle.
To help ensure your tint complies with Mississippi law, the car insurance comparison super app Jerry has broken down everything you need to know—getting you up to speed on tint laws in half the time it takes to get a root beer float from your local Ward’s.

What is the visible light transmission percentage?

The visible light transmission (VLT) percentage demonstrates how much light is allowed to pass through a window tint film. Each state has its limit on the VLT it will allow. 
Having a high VLT means that more light can pass through the film. For example, a 28% tint allows 28% of the light to pass through, while a 5% tint allows barely any light to enter.

What is the Mississippi window tint law?

The Mississippi window tint law limits the tint allowed for the vehicle. Here are the limits for most vehicles:
  • Front windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed above the AS1 line
  • Front-seat side windows: 28% VLT
  • Back-seat side windows: 28% VLT
  • Rear window: 28% VLT
The same rules apply for SUVs and vans, although any darkness may be used for the back sides and rear windows. If you opt for a reflective tint on either side windows, it must be no more than 20% reflective.
Mississippi has no restriction on the colors you use on tinting. The manufacturer of your tint must provide certification that they are using certified film, and you may be liable if they are not (so be sure to ask). 
You must display stickers certifying that your windows are only up to 28% tinted on your vehicle’s windshield.
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Medical exemptions

In Mississippi, tint exemptions may be given to a variety of different vehicles, such as squad cars, government vehicles, limousines, and hearses. But medical exemptions must fall under the following provisions:
  • The vehicle's driver or passenger possesses a prescription or physician's statement of medical needs
  • The prescription or statement specifically states the minimum percentage of light that may be reduced to satisfy the patient’s needs
  • The prescription contains an expiration date, which must be no more than two years after the date of issuance

Penalties for violating the window tint law

The penalty for violating Mississippi window tint law will depend on the level of your infraction (VLT), with punishments including a $1,000 fine, three months in county jail, or (in rare cases) both.
So, if you’re driving with tinted windows in Mississippi, make sure to follow all ordinances and display your sticker correctly. 
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Getting your windows tinted in Mississippi will cost, on average, between $150 and $500. Price varies depending on the vehicle, what you’re getting tinted, and the shop you choose to get the job done.

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