Maryland Drive-In Movie Theaters

The Bengies Drive-In Theatre outside of Baltimore is the only surviving drive-in movie theater in Maryland.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
The Bengies Drive-In Theatre, located just half an hour outside Baltimore, is Maryland’s only operating drive-in movie theater. 
The drive-in movie theater is a quintessential American institution. From the smell of cut grass and buttered popcorn to the rev of engines in front of the big screen, it’s hard to imagine a more American pastime than a night at the drive-in. 
Although you could find a drive-in movie theater in most towns in the 1950s and 1960s, indoor cinemas and streaming have caused many drive-ins to go under in recent decades. 
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believes that owning a car should be fun—and what’s more fun than a night at the movies? To help you get the most out of your car, Jerry’s compiled a guide to the last surviving drive-in movie theater in Maryland. 

Bengies Drive-In Theatre

Address: 3417 Eastern Blvd, Middle River, MD 21220
Schedule: Early spring through late fall
Ticket prices: $12.50 for general admission, $4 for kids 4-10, free for kids under 4
Number of screens: 1
Pet-friendly?: Yes, but pets must be on a short leash at all times
Opened by the Vogel family in 1956, the Bengies Theatre gets its name from former US President Benjamin Harrison. When it was first built, the theater had a 1,000-car capacity; today, it boasts the biggest movie theater screen in the United States! 
Still run by D. Vogel, the son of one of the founders, the Bengies Theatre strives to make family time special. For $150, you can have a
personal custom message
projected on the Bengies’ 6,240 square foot screen


Bengies primarily shows new releases. In general, double features are offered on weekend nights, but on some weekends you might even be able to catch a triple feature
If you want to see a specific movie, Bengies even takes requests! Just fill out the
online movie request form
, and the theater will try to get that movie on the big screen for you. 

How to hear the movie

To hear the movie at Bengies, you’ll need to use your car’s radio to tune into 105.3 FM or AM 830. If your car’s radio isn’t functioning properly, you can bring a portable radio. The theater also has a limited number of portable radios available to rent
If you rent a portable radio from Bengies, be prepared to pay a $10 rental fee and surrender your license and the registration of the car you brought to the drive-in. You will get these back when you return the radio. 


Bengies knows that snacks are the most important part of any movie, so they’ve got two lanes for the snack bar. The Main Line stays open at all times, and on busy nights they’ll open up the Express Line, which serves a limited menu to get moviegoers through the line faster. 
If food allergies are a concern for you, check out Bengies’
Allergen Menu
for safe options. 
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Sadly, the Bengies Drive-In Theatre is the only surviving drive-in movie theater in Maryland.
No, you don’t need to leave your car on during a drive-in movie—just park, run the car for a few minutes to power the battery, and keep your radio on to listen to the movie. If you’re worried about draining the battery by using your car’s radio, it might be a good idea to use a portable radio instead.
Most drive-in theaters continue to play movies in the rain. If the weather forecast is severe, it’s worth checking with the theater to find out whether they plan to close.
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